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Finally!!! Twin Peaks Season 2 is now available. It just came out this week. It has been over 5 years since Season 1 came out on DVD! Like many of you, I sold my vhs box set years ago in anticipation of the release of this show on DVD. I am so excited I now get to revisit my favorite show and watch it all from the beginning. David Lynch is a genius and was really able to show the world just how brilliant he was with this amazing ground breaking television show.  Season 2 originally aired in the 1990/1991 season. While the 1st season only had 8 episodes, season 2 had a full season of episodes with 22. This was the year it was nominated for some Soap Opera Digest Awards.

Sheryl Lee was nominated for best death scene as Maddie Ferguson. And I have to agree...she was amazing. She was brilliant in her second role in the series as Laura Palmer's strangely almost identical nerdy cousin. Kyle Maclachlan and Piper Laurie were both nominated for outstanding acting. The show was nominated for outstanding Prime Time Show. It won no Soap Opera Digest Awards but did walk away with a couple Golden Globes. Amazingly the Soap Opera Digest Awards still happen. However last year was the first year it was not televised and it went straight to magazine. Not a good sign for the future of the awards show.

I seriously have watched Twin Peaks a lot. It aired on Bravo many nights for many years late night. Most of those nights I was watching it. If you are a fan of any of the serialized TV shows such as Lost or Prison Break and have never watched this seriously need to do so right now. This was the best thing ever on television. I have yet to see anything come close. The cast was also one of the best. Unfortunately it seems to be somewhat of a curse for its cast. Nobody on the show has ever done anything near as good since this show went off the air -- besides maybe Kyle Maclachlan's role in Showgirls and Lara Flynn Boyle's in Happiness. Most of the cast has been mainly seen in small TV roles or Lifetime movies of the week.

Season 1 might be everyone's favorite, but Season 2 remains my favorite. Unfortunately Season 1 is currently out of print, but hopefully you already own it.  I am sure it will be released again soon along with the pilot episode, though. Season 1 ended with the mill burning down and Agent Cooper getting shot, so Season 2 opens where it left off. Some of the highlights of the season are...Shelly takes care of a comatose Leo, Cooper's ex partner Windom Earle escapes from the insane asylum to Twin Peaks, Sheryl Lee is brilliant as Maddy (Laura Palmer's cousin), Leeland goes crazy (brilliantly), Lucy deals with her kid and its paternity, Heather Graham stars as Norma's sister Annie, David Duchovny as a Transexual!!, Nadine gets amnesia and thinks she is 18 again, and we get to see more of Bob. And of course...we find out who killed Laura Palmer! Many guest stars on this season including Robin Lively from Teen Witch!, a brilliant movie. Did you know that witchcraft is the fastest growing belief system in the U.S.?  But seriously, the season belongs to Kenneth Welsh who stars as Windom Earle. He is one of the most terrifying characters on television. Like most of the cast, he has continued to work consistently but in nothing worth talking about, although I think he was Hal Holbrook's son in the recent horrible remake of The Fog. However, my favorite scene is for sure when James sings to Donna and Maddy.  Brilliant!!! James may have been one of the most boring characters on the show but he was my favorite!

The extras on the DVD are not amazing, but you really don't need anything more than the episodes. The episodes are so great you don't need to worry about anything else. The DVD includes all 22 episodes. Behind the Scenes with Kyle, Madchen, Sherilyn, and David Duchovny!!! It also included the Log Lady introductions. Just thinking about this show brings all the memories back. I might need to call in sick for a couple days just to watch the whole thing all at once. It is a great TV show to be sick and watch. Brilliant!!!

Did I already tell you this show is brilliant!? Seriously it is the most brilliant thing to ever exist! I love it so much  and you should too! It is brilliant!  You need to go get Season 2 right now and watch it all!

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