this is what is coming out today...4/10...blonde redhead...bright eyes...

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OK...there are some exciting new release out today for you all...

First up is the new Blonde Redhead "23" and it has nothing to do with that horrible new Jim Carrey movie that already disappeared.  It's been about 3 years since their last album "Misery is a Butterfly." This is their second album for 4AD. However, it has much more in common with the album before "Misery" which was "Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons." "Misery" was a bit forgettable. Still good, but it did not remain in my head for days later after listening to it.  I still can just think of "Melody" for just a second and conjure up all the great amazing and tragic memories all tied up with that album. I seriously listened to that album every day for months. It was just that good.

Blonde Redhead has always been good. The band is made up of Kazu Makino and the scary twins Simone and Amedeo Pace. I only say scary, because twins tend to scare me, although I am also strangely intrigued by them.  The band is usually made up of just vocals, drums, and guitar.  The vocals are amazing on their albums.  I often have to go read the lyrics to be able to follow along.  The songs alternate between male and female vocals,  kind of like a combination of Versus and Dead Can Dance. It's amazing to have an album this good, seven albums into their existence. Again, I find myself addicted to Blonde Redhead. I can't stop listening to this album. It quickly draws you in and there is really no going back.

This band also replicates their albums beautifully live.  The most exciting thing about a new album by them means a new tour!

also out today...

"Cassadaga" by Bright Eyes
. So I will admit, I never really liked Conor Oberst. Something about him always made me want to punch him. But like most people who don't like him, I also never really bothered to listen to his albums. A couple of years ago my boyfriend was listening to him all the time. It was right before the 2 albums came out in 2005. I knew that I either had to get in fights with him and be upset having to listen to Bright Eyes all the time, or, just give in and make myself like him. After going to see him live about 10 Times in 4 different cities and listening to his 2005 albums, "Digital Ash in a Digital Urn" and "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning" over and over again, I actually started to appreciate him. I quickly realized, he wrote some damn good songs. It'sdifferent then what I usually find myself listening to. But it sort of made its way into my life and sort of into my heart.  This is about his 6th album, and while he still looks about 16 he has matured as a musician. One thing I do respect a lot about him, is that he has stuck with his label Saddle Creek through all his success.

This album feels very full of life, there is a a lot going on. He has made a great indie rock country album with some great sing-along choruses. His last album had Emmylou Harris on it and on this one he got Gillian Welch. Maybe he can get Willie Nelson to be on the next one! His songs are often introspective and depressing, but there is optimism in there if you look a little harder.

also out today...

"Grinderman" by Grinderman...this is basically a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album with a couple less Bad Seeds. And it sounds more Birthday Party than he has in a while.

     "Life Is a Grave & I Dig It" by the Nekromantix

"Remixed and Covered" by Xiu Xiu


                          "Adventures of Ghost House & Still Born" by Cocorosie


"Heartland" by Client


                                                         "Night of the Furies" by the Rosebuds

 "Judgement" by VNV Nation

                                                                       "Mosaic" by Love of Diagrams

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