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Posted by Brad Schelden, April 16, 2007 10:14pm | Post a Comment
So last week was a bit busier and next week will again be super busy. But these things come in waves. Just two albums coming out today worth talking about. I will not be wasting your time talking about the new Avril Lavigne. So I am totally impressed with this dude: it seemed like he was off taking a long break for a while, but then he put out a great new album a couple years ago, With Teeth. It kind of surprised me.

And now Nine Inch Nails is back with a new one already Year Zero.  Trent Reznor basically is NIN. He has been creating music for us for almost 20 years now.  

2007 is actually the 20th anniversary of Trent's appearance in Light of Day with Michael J. Fox and Joan Jett. You might need to watch it again to catch him in a bar scene playing keyboards in "The Problems." Michael J Fox and Joan Jett are like the rock and roll bar band Carpenters as a brother and sister band called the "Barbusters." Gena Rowlands is amazing as always as their mother. Joan Jett is not only a rocker but a single mom in the movie!

Trent started his career with the brilliant album Pretty Hate Machine on TVT records, an album that basically invented a whole new type of music. It also had a huge influence on many bands. I know many people who still regard it as one of their favorites. He made industrial music that was more accessible and catchy than most. The songs actually kind of flowed and had lyrics that made sense. His albums are always dark and futuristic. This new album will for sure not upset any of his fans. Year Zero is dark, intense and brilliant.

This album is a sort of concept album about a totalitarian future. At times it could be a Depeche Mode album, with beautiful dark synths throughout the albums. His vocals are still strong and precise. Year Future seemed to have only a couple of truly great songs, however, this entire album keeps my attention. It all flows brilliantly together.

Trent Reznor sort of became an unlikely sex symbol of the whole industrial genre. I think it is has a lot to do with the music he creates. His albums are always very sexual. Not sexual in an obvious Barry White kind of way. But seriously, his albums have some power over me. The first single is Survivalism.

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