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One of my favorites has recently been upgraded to a special edition DVD. Nightmare on Elm Street is of course available in a great box set with all 7 films and a bonus disc.  There is a commentary on the first film and the bonus disc has some great stuff. But this release of the film is really great. The entire film has remastered picture and sound. It also includes some awesome documentaries. "Never Sleep Again" - the  making of the film, "The House that Freddy Built" - documentary on New Line cinema, and "Night Terrors" - the origins of Wes Craven's nightmares. Also includes a great audio commentary with director Wes Craven, stars Heather Langenkamp and the great John Saxon, and cinematographer Jacques Haitkin. The DVD also includes alternate endings and a fun trivia game to play. This is enough extra stuff to make your purchase of this DVD totally necessary. But it also includes "InfiniFilm" interactive features.  You can watch the film normally or with pop-up prompts. The prompts allow you to access great extra bonus footage and trivia.

 Nightmare on Elm Street was originally released in 1984. Wes Craven was already becoming famous for his horror movies. He already directed "The Last House on the Left," "The Hills Have Eyes" and "Swamp Thing." Nightmare one Elm Street was not  the first horror franchise series. Halloween was already well on its way with 3 movies and Friday the 13th was on to its fourth. But there was something special about Nightmare on Elm Street. The villains in Halloween and Friday the 13th were basically serial killer types basically acting out on their revenge issues against teens who had sex. However Freddy Kruger was different. But again it dealt with revenge. He was a child molester and killer burned alive by a group of parents. He had some how come back to haunt the children of those parent in their dreams. But he could actually kill them in their dreams. The kids must learn to "never sleep again" or battle Freddy in their dreams.

This first movie in the long series was brilliant. And it has a great cast. Heather Langenkamp, later know as Marie Lubbock on "Just the Ten of Us" is perfect as the lead character. She plays Nancy Thompson who figures out how to fight back against Freddie. Her divorced parents are played by Ronee Blakley  and John Saxon. Ronee Blakley had stared in Robert Altman's "Nashville" and had a music career as well. She is brilliant as Nancy's alcoholic mom. John Saxon had been in tons of TV but also starred in many cult films such as "Tenebre," "Black Christmas," and "Enter the Dragon." Robert Englund starred as Freddie Krueger and ended up playing him all the way up to "Freddie vs. Jason." He already had a little bit of a cult  following for his role as Willie in the TV mini series "V."
Johnny Depp had his very first role in this film as Nancy's boyfriend Glen.

This new DVD is seriously awesome. The documentary on the beginning years of New Line cinema is great. Most of the stars are interviewed in the documentary. Wes Craven is also interviewed extensively.  Nightmare was made at a time when horror movies were being mass produced. However this is one of the best. It still remains a classic. This was one of my friends favorites films. Watched many times over and over again. It is for sure one of those movies I can't resist watching when it is on TV. But it is great to see all the great bonus features and the film itself looks and sounds amazing. 

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