go see grindhouse!!!

Posted by Brad Schelden, April 8, 2007 08:34pm | Post a Comment

So I went and saw Grindhouse on Friday at the Bridge. And I knew that I was gonna like it. But I was seriously blown away by how good it was. 10 minutes into the first film by Robert Rodriguez "Planet Terror" I wanted to see it again and was already getting excited about owning the DVD and watching the uncut version. I am a big fan of all the movies that these guys are in love with. It was so great to see them do an excellent job of replicating these movies. There have been so many horrible remakes of horror movies the past couple of years. It has almost made me not want to see these kind of movies anymore. Always so disappointing. But like 28 Days Later and Shaun of the Dead, I was totally surprised at how great these movies were. I am a big fan of Freddy Rodriguez from Six Feet Under. It was so great to see him in a completely different role in Planet Terror. He was awesome as the hero of the film. Rose McGowan is awesome as well. She has great roles in both films, but really outdoes herself as a one-legged stripper in Planet Terror. It was so great to see both Tom Savini (makeup artist for many of the 80s greats: Martin, Dawn of the Dead,  Friday the 13th, Creepshow, etc.) and Michael Biehn (star of two of my favorites Terminator and Aliens) as two cops in Planet Terror. The movie was nonstop action and gore. Like nothing I have seen in a long while.

In between the two movies are some awesome fake previews. So great, I really wish they were real. Next up is Death Proof.
It really is hard to follow Robert Rodriguez's film. Even for Tarantino. I was so excited by the first that I wanted to feel the same for the next movie. However, Tarantino takes a bit longer to develop his story. He loves the dialogue. And there is some great dialogue between the the women in this film.It really is all worth it when you get to the end of the movie. One of the greatest chase scenes I have ever scene. The ending was brilliant. Kurt Russell is great as Stuntman Mike. He was obviously cast due to his great roles in Escape from New York and The Thing. Two movies both these directors were obviously influenced by. Usually I like to wait and see movies after they have been out for a couple weeks. But it was so much fun to see this movie in a single screen theater like the Bridge with a crowd full of people loving the movies. I think I will be seeing these movies again as soon as I can. And so should you!

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