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Posted by Brad Schelden, April 28, 2007 12:00am | Post a Comment
 A couple of nights ago we headed on down to the bottom of the hill to see Erase Errata and Adult.  I have seen Erase Errata probably like 30 times but it has been a year or so since I have seen them.  Not so long ago I actually played in a band and we played with Erase Errata every once in a while. The band has gone through a couple changes the last couple years and is now just a 3 piece band. Sara Jaffe left the band a couple years ago. They then added a dude as the vocalist. However, this kind of ruined them for me. Luckily they decided to just remain a 3 piece, keeping Jenny Hoyston as the vocalist. They put out their most recent album last year, NIght Life.

I really love the Bottom of the Hill. It is such a nice little place to see a show. It is located in a  place kind of away from everything else but not too far away to be really far away. It often gets a bit too crowded on sold out nights but I still love it. It is very intimate and you can see the stage even if its crowded. It also has a great backyard where I have spent many nights smoking with friends. Even though there is no more smoking for me, I still enjoy heading to the back with my friends to  talk and catch up with their lives. I seriously think the bottom of the hill backyard might be one of my favorite places in the world!

We got there a little before Erase Errata, so we had some time to hang out in the backyard, It seriously is a great place to people watch. I always like watching these ladies on stage and have never gotten bored with them. They are just always good. Unfortunately the crowd was not the dancing crowds that I am accustomed to seeing at their shows of the past. One of the best shows I saw of theirs was a record release party for their 2nd album at some high school auditorium type place in the mission. It was a prom theme I think. Kind of feels like a dream but I am pretty sure it was real. Seriously, if you have not heard this band you need to. Especially if you like good nowavey kind of music. They make me feel all good inside.

 After enjoying some more outside time after they were done. We went back inside to watch Adult. I love these guys cause they are so weird. Adult has always been dark and gothy. They mix up all sorts of electronics with a sort of dark wave sound. The show made me think of video games like centipede for some reason. It was like there were playing goth versions of old 80s video games with a young siouxsie like singer. Adult are from Detroit and just put out their new album on Thrill Jockey, "Why Bother?" They have made another weird enjoyable album. But it kind of takes me to a dark place. But its also kind of fun so you don't need to be scared. They seem to have fun making their spooky little albums and enjoy creeping you out with their dark themes.

I had a lot of fun at this show. I love the bands. But mostly I just love the bottom of the hill. And I look forward to the next chance I get to go hang out there. I wish I could just go hang out there when there isn't even a show. But,then part of the reason I love it, is I guess the memories of all the great shows like this one!

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