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I'm a big fan of the reissues. So many of my favorite albums from the 80s need a good  remastering. It's also always fun to rediscover your old favorites with new bonus tracks and added video content. The packaging is also usually redone and made all fancy. This last couple years has seen the reissue of the entire Depeche Mode catalogue. Last month we just got the latest two reissues,  Black Celebration and Construction Time Again. The only thing left is Ultra and Exciter. I don't think they will be reissuing Playing the Angel since it did just recently come out for the first time.

First up is Construction Time Again. This album was originally released in 1983. This was their third album, following A Broken Frame. It was always easy to remember the order of the early album because construction obviously follows something that is broken! While they had started to make an impact in the U.S., they were still not to the point of playing stadiums quite yet. This album has a slightly more industrial feel to it. It includes more samples than their albums had before. This album included some of my favorites, "More Than a Party", "Everything Counts" and "And Then..." Alan Wilder had joined the band as a full time member at this point. He even wrote the environmentally friendly song "The Landscape is Changing." He joined Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, and Andrew Fletcher. Depeche Mode were now the band they would be all the way through Songs of Faith and Devotion. All of their albums were really their own thing. And they all still hold up today. They were breakthrough at the time and are still influencing bands today.

 These reissues are really awesome. Not only is the entire album remastered. But you can also listen to it in 5.1 and stereo. They all also include a DVD documentary and bonus tracks. And great fold out fancy packaging. The original liner notes are all there but they include some new commentary on the history of the album.  The  Bonus tracks include the awesome song "Get the Balance Right." Originally included on the compilation album People are People.

This album contains the original tracks:
Love in Itself, More Than a Party, Pipeline, Everything Counts, Two Minute Warning, Shame
The Landscape is Changing, Told You So, And Then...

also the bonus tracks: Get the Balance Right, The Great Outdoors, Work Hard, Fools

and remixes of: Get the Balance Right, Everything Counts, Love in Itself

All the reissues contain awesome DVD documentaries. Each tailor made for the particular album. This one is called, "Teenagers Growing Up, Bad Government, and All That Stuff."
They have clips of live performances and videos along with great interviews with the band members and all the people involved with the making of the album. It is really interesting the hear the producers talk about the making of the album. The reissues are seriously worth it just for these DVDs. And the songs sound better than ever!

Next up is Black Celebration. This was their fifth album released in 1986. Black Celebration began the trilogy of their best albums. Followed by Music For the Masses and Violator. This was their most popular period and clearly their most creative and brilliant period as well. This album just feels big and full. Excellently produced it flows together perfectly. It opens up with "Black Celebration" and includes the brilliant "Stripped" and "Question of Lust." The album marked a change for them. It has a richer dark feel to it. It also has a couple of the signature ballads. "Here Is the House" remains one of my favorites. This album was also the first that I became obsessed with. I was in my first year of junior high and just beginning to discover good music. They seriously changed my life and have been a part of it ever since. The cassette of this album was listened to over and over again. This album also remains many of the hardcore Depeche Mode fans favorite albums. The bonus tracks on this one include one on my favorite songs "Shake the Disease." Originally released on the Catching Up with Depeche Mode compilation.

This album contains the original tracks:
Black Celebration, Fly on the Windscreen, A Question of Lust, Sometimes, It Doesn't Matter Two, A Question of Time, Stripped, Here is the House, World Full of Nothing, Dressed in Black, New Dress

also the bonus tracks:
Shake the Disease, Flexible, It's Called A Heart, Fly on the Windscreen, But Not Tonight, Breathing in Fumes, Black Day, Christmas Island

and Live in Birmingham April 1986:
Black Celebration, A Question of Time, Stripped

It also includes the DVD documentary "The Songs Aren't Good Enough, There Aren't Any Singles, and It'll Never Get Played On the Radio"

These reissue are overall rated as amazing. They are right up there  with The Cure reissues. The Depeche Mode reissues are only better because of the great documentaries. Hopefully next up we will see some domestic reissues of the Sisters of Mercy albums that have recently been reissued in the UK. Also, I know Joy Division is getting the reissue treatment soon.  The Smiths can't be too far behind. Please!

also reissued by Depeche Mode are these awesome albums

Speak and Spell (1981)

A Broken Frame (1982)

Some Great Reward (1984)


Music for the Masses (1987)

Violator (1990)

Songs of Faith & Devotion (1993)

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