The Jungle Book

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               INT. JOB'S APARTMENT - NIGHT

               JOB, (early 30's) sits at his desk. A BLACK CAT is curled in
               his lap.

               He's listening to music on shuffle; a new song playing every
               few minutes or so. Currently playing is an early song by
               Front 242 from their album "Geography", located in the
               Gothic/Industrial section of Amoeba Music.

               He's typing out his latest blog, in screenplay format.

               In the time it takes him to describe the music that's
               playing, it switches to a track from Clinic's latest effort,
               "Visitations"; an album he is still exploring and enjoying,
               though it doesn't immediately rock his world like their
               impish, catchy and pithy album "Walking With Thee", located
               in the Rock/Pop section of Amoeba Music; an album which
               samples one of his heroes, Laurie Anderson, also found in
               that section.

                             (to Cat)
                         You are so cute. I'm gonna bite
                         your head clean off.

               Cat purrs.

               Job continues typing. He sighs. Is something wrong?

               Now a song by Suzanne Vega plays. "Left of Center" as
               featured on the "Pretty in Pink" soundtrack. Job likes the
               song and, for a moment, recalls Molly Ringwald's character
               sitting on the bleachers with the other outcasts.

                                   JOB (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         I would relate to that scene if I
                         had been cool enough in high school
                         to sit with the rejects...



               A YOUNG JOB sits alone, eating his lunch, far away from a
               group of PUNKS and other adolescent REJECTS.

               He looks at the others, longing to be included.


               Job is shaken from this reverie by his favorite Peaches song
               "AA XXX".

               Suddenly, he faces the camera and speaks directly to us.

                         I know some of you have been
                         wondering just what this blog 'is'
                         and why a music store would feature
                         a blog that consists of surreal,
                             (sips water)
                         I wanted to take a moment to
                         address this issue.

               He stands and walks over to his library.

               He selects an antique book and gingerly extracts it.

               He cradles the book to his chest and looks at us again.

                                   JOB (CONT'D)
                         You see, throughout time, artists -
                         both musicians and writers...

               A BOA CONSTRICTOR eats him.

               The Cat hisses.

               Music switches to Noah Georgeson, an amazing songwriter who's
               best known for producing such indie darlings as Joanna Newsom
               and Devendra Banhart.

               His music fills the air with dreamy, lush strings,
               juxtaposing folk nuances. His baritone crooning like an
               Indian recorder, lulling a cobra into a state of hypnosis.

               The album is "Find Shelter", and you could be listening to it
               right now instead of reading this silly screenplay.


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