A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

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               INT. JOB'S APARTMENT - NIGHT

               JOB, (early 30's) pours boiling water from an electric kettle
               into an heirloom mug.

               His black cat, FANGS, races around the room, batting and
               pouncing on a toy mouse.

               Job carefully prepares a perfect cup of tea, then brings it
               to his desk, where he sits in an antique, red leather chair.

               He faces his computer. He brings up Final Draft.

               He takes a moment to consider what to write.

               From behind him, a voice speaks...

                         I know what you're gonna write

               Job turns to face the ANGEL, glowing and beautiful.



                         Judee Sill.

                         Yeah. But not really about Judee
                         Sill as much as...

                         The... phenomina?

               The Angel nods.

               Job takes a breath. He returns his focus to the computer.

                                   JOB (CONT'D)
                         As I've gotten older... I find I...
                         don't get as excited about
                         musicians as I used to.
                         I mean, I'm still constantly
                         discovering music that blows my
                         mind, sure...
                         But there's a certain feeling that
                         happens when you find an artist or
                         band that absolutely cuts you to
                         your core and records music that is
                         so... that so... expresses or
                         exposes or... gives voice to a
                         feeling or...
                         Well, something completely
                         personal. And maybe you don't know
                         why even, but when you hear it, you
                         recognize it deeply and... there's
                         an exhilaration you experience.

               Job takes a sip of his tea.

                                   JOB (CONT'D)
                         When I was in my teens, it would
                         happen a lot. I'd go from "Neat
                         Neat Neat" to Kate Bush b-sides;
                         Sonic Youth, "Goo" especially, and
                         everything by the Pixies...
                         It seemed like, every week I'd
                         discover something that would rock
                         my world... And it was all so
                         emotional and personal and
                         Now those artists or albums come
                         maybe once a year.
                         I'm thinking of Judee Sill because
                         that was the last time I was
                         completely enthralled by a
                         musician's work. Where I couldn't
                         get enough. I just wanted to hear
                         her all the time! And she had such
                         a small output of music before she
                         plummeted fast on her downward
                         spiral towards premature death. And
                         with such abandon! Judee Sill's
                         descent towards annihilation makes
                         Billie Holiday seem prudent!

               Job scratches his head.

               He watches Fangs wrestle with the corner of his antique, blue

               He sniffs the air disapprovingly. It reeks of microwave
               popcorn. Not from his apartment; some neighbors.

                         You need to get to bed soon.

                         I know. I just... need to finish
                         off this blog.

                         What do you want to say? Do you
                         want people to check out Judee

               Job thinks a moment.

                         Well... I know that not everyone
                         will love her like I love her. But
                         I do think there's a lot of people
                         out there who, like me, seem to
                         naturally gravitate toward artists
                         who live fast and die young. Like
                         Billie... like Ian Curtis...

                         You're falling asleep in your seat.

                         I know. Jeff Buckley...

                         Wrap it up. You wanna tell them
                         what her music is like?

                         No. I don't. I would say, read a
                         little about her first, then
                         listen. She's really smart, and
                         approaches composition with all the
                         respect and brains of Joni Mitchell
                         or Joanna Newsom... people who like
                         those two artists would probably
                         also like her, though she's totally

                         Okay, you did it. Come to bed.

                         Okay. But... I need a punchline...
                         something to close this neatly

                         Job... Look...

               Job turns around.

               He sees your face, reading this blog.

               He sees you nearing its end and lightly considering its
               content, then browsing the world wide web.

               He sighs and, like you, decides to move on to something new.

                         But... And this is what I really
                         want... I hope that some new artist
                         comes along soon - not necessarily
                         contemporary - but that I find some
                         album this year that totally does
                         for me what Judee did.

                         Okay. Prayer noted.

                         I don't think this makes for
                         interesting blogging.

                         Maybe not. But look... They're
                         still reading this.

               Job smiles a little. He posts the blog.


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