Ed Neumeister: Orchestration
Gavin Greenaway: Conductor
Hans Zimmer: Arranger, Producer, Synthesizer, Synthesizer Programming
Mel Wesson: Ambience
Martin Tillman: Cello
Lorne Balfe: Additional Music
Ramin Djawadi: Arranger
Alan Meyerson: Score Mixer
Anthony Pleeth: Cello
Geoff Foster: Recording
Matt Dunkley: Conductor
Stephen Lipson: Producer, Score Mixer
Tom Holkenborg: Additional Music
Gary Kettel: Percussion
Bruce Fowler: Supervising Orchestrator
Richard Edwards: Trombone
Czarina Russell: Studio Manager
Isobel Griffiths: Orchestra Contractor
Mary Scully: Bass
Perry Montague-Mason: Orchestra Leader
Peter Lale: Viola
Frank Ricotti: Percussion
Lisa Margolis: Music Business Affairs
Owen Slade: Tuba
Pat Sullivan: Mastering
Daniel Kresco: Score Mixer
Elizabeth Finch: Orchestration
Geoff Stradling: Orchestration
Paul Broucek: Executive in Charge of Music
Richard Watkins: Horn
Alex Gibson: Producer, Supervising Music Editor
Ann Marie Calhoun: Violin
Chuck Choi: Technical Consultant
Yvonne S. Moriarty: Orchestration
Jason Linn: Executive in Charge of Music
Sandeep Sriram: Art Direction
Kevin Kaska: Orchestration
Andrew Kinney: Orchestration
Jill Streater: Music Librarian
Sam Estes: Sample Preparation
Rick Giovinazzo: Orchestration
Andrew Kawczynski: Arranger
Andrew Zack: Score Coordinator
Christopher Nolan: Liner Notes, Producer
Claudius Bruese: Sample Preparation
Mark Wherry: Instrument Design
Ryan Rubin: Music Editor
Steven Kofsky: Music Production Supervisor
Thomas Jesty: Vocals
Booker White: Music Preparation
Howard Scarr: Synthesizer Programming
Adam Miller: Assistant Engineer
Walter Fowler: Orchestration
Charlotte Matthews: Assistant Contractor
Carl Rydlund: Orchestration
Michael Hobe: Sample Preparation
Lori Castro: Assistant Engineer
Christian Wenger: Assistant Engineer
Laurence Anslow: Assistant Engineer
Paul Clavis: Percussion
Tom Farnon: Score Reader
Jasha Klebe: Arranger
Steve Mazzaro: Arranger
Satoshi Noguchi: Assistant Engineer
John Prestage: Assistant Engineer
C.J. Sing: Chant Conductor