2Pac: Co-Producer
Angelique: Backing Vocals
Live Squad: Producer
Raw Fusion: Producer
Ray Love: Backing Vocals
Shock-G: Producer, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Stretch: Rap
Matt Kelley: Engineer
Atron Gregory: Executive Producer
Big D the Impossible: Producer
Darrin Harris: Engineer
David Provost: Photography
DJ Fuze: Backing Vocals
Jeremy: Producer
Kenneth Lee: Mastering
Kevin Hosmann: Artwork Direction
Leslie Gerard-Smith: Production Coordination
Mac-Mone: Backing Vocals
Mark Senasac: Engineer
Mike Cooley: Voices
Money-B: Backing Vocals
Pogo: Voices
Ramone "Pee Wee" Gooden: Producer, Backing Vocals
Steve Counter: Engineer
The Piano-Man: Keyboards
Tom Whalley: A & R Direction
Underground Railroad: Producer
Victor Hall: Photography
Ydnni: Backing Vocals