Bill Anderson: Guitar
The Grievous Angels: Producer
Neko Case: Guitar, Producer, Piano, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Jon Rauhouse: Producer, Pedal Steel Banjo
Earl Carter: Bass
Dan Baird: Guitar, Vocals
Tim Harper: Mixing
Eddie Spaghetti: Bass, Vocals
The Handsome Family: Producer
Kelly Hogan: Vocals, Backing Vocals
Ryan Adams: Guitar, Vocals
Bobby Bare, Jr.: Guitar, Vocals
Johnny Dowd: Guitar, Producer, Vocals
Rick "Cookin" Sherry: Drums, Vocals, Washboard
Terry Anderson: Drums, Vocals
Caitlin Cary: Violin, Vocals
Mike Daly: Handclaps
Hazeldine: Producer
Eric Ambel: Guitar, Bass, Dulcimer, Drums, Producer, Percussion, Engineer, Keyboards, Lap Steel Guitar, Vocals
John Convertino: Drums
Peter Collins: Producer
Red Star Belgrade: Mixing
The Roughnecks: Producer
George Bradfute: Engineer, Mixing
Jane Baxter-Miller: Vocals
Rico Bell: Accordion, Producer, Vocals
John Rice: Bouzouki
Jerry Soto: Producer
Mike Deming: Producer, Piano
Mike Hagler: Producer, Engineer
Timothy Powell: Engineer
Celine: Fiddle
Casper Rawls: Producer
Darcie Deaville: Fiddle
Jeff Eaton: Bass
Keith Christopher: Bass, Vocals
Sean Dean: Bass
Mark Richards: Engineer
Tracy Hackney: Dulcimer, Harmonica, Vocals
Brendan Burke: Producer, Engineer
Dan Bolton: Guitar
Dancing Eagle: Drums, Cymbals
Daniel Henzerling: Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
John Platania: Guitar, Producer
Ken Sluiter: Mixing, Backing Vocals
Lorne Rall: Bass, Slide Whistle
Mike Belitsky: Drums
Paul Skelton: Guitar
Tom V. Ray: Bass
Michael Bitterman: Engineer
Mike Reed: Drums, Vocals
Rick Barnes: Engineer
Teddy Harper: Engineer
Tom Reiss: Guitar, Vocals
Danny Black: Guitar, Producer, Lap Steel Guitar, Vocals
Deano: Guitar, Vocals
Ed Rose: Producer
Gerald Collier: Piano
Ian Spanic: Guitar, Producer
Joe Eddy Hines: Guitar
Justin "Trevor" Asher: Keyboards
Lynn Blakey: Backing Vocals
Ron Heathman: Guitar
Tom Spanic: Backing Vocals
Ralph Power: Drums
Damon Hennessey: Backing Vocals
Jim DeWan: Banjo
Ken Bethea: Electric Guitar
Murry Hammond: Guitar, Vocals
Jeb Bonansinga: Guitar, Vocals
Kim Docter: Vocals
Frank X. Roeber: Bass
Keith Brogdon: Drums, Percussion
Shawn Barton: Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Kirk Rundstrom: Guitar, Vocals
Bill Curry: Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Mike Barfield: Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Marc Benning: Guitar, Producer, Vocals
Gina Black: Bass, Banjo, Vocals
Phillip Brennan: Guitar, Vocals
Mark Creswell: Producer
Denny Dale: Bass, Backing Vocals
Eric Danheim: Guitar
Cherilyn DiMond: Bass, Vocals
Steve Dorocke: Accordion, Dobro, Mandolin
James Emmenegger: Drums
Rex Hobart: Producer
Solomon Hofer: Pedal Steel
Roddy Johnston: Fiddle, Vocals
Tex Schmidt: Guitar
Kim Sherwood-Caso: Vocals