Chris Brown: Creative Art, Executive Producer, Art Direction, Co-Producer
Diplo: Producer
Timbaland: Producer
Ron English: Artwork, Cover Painting
Marcus Johnson: Recording Assistant
The Messengers: Producer
Afrojack: Producer
Serban Ghenea: Mixing
John Hanes: Mixing Engineer
K Mac: Producer
Polow da Don: Producer
Free School: Producer, Co-Producer
Team Breezy: Creative Art, Design, Executive Producer, Management, Art Direction
Tom Coyne: Mastering
Brian Stanley: Mixing
Courtney Walter: Creative Art, Design, Art Direction
Dabling Harward: Additional Recording
Mark Pitts: Executive Producer
The Underdogs: Producer
Tina Davis: Executive Producer, Management
Brian Springer: Mixing, Recording
Chris Godbey: Mixing
Jerome Harmon: Co-Producer
Lamar Edwards: Additional Keyboards
Tim Roberts: Mixing Assistant, Mixing Engineer
Michael Daley: Recording
David Boyd: Recording
Mark Beaven: Mixing Assistant
Timothy Bloom: Producer
Stereotypes : Producer
Andrew Hey: Recording
Tha Bizness: Producer
Jaycen Joshua: Mixing
Brian Kennedy: Producer
Jeremy Stevenson: Mixing
Ghazi Hourani: Mixing Assistant
Josh Mosser: Mixing
Marco Benassi: Producer
Jesus Garnica: Mixing Assistant
Ryan Kelly: Mixing Assistant
Anthony Taglianetti: Mixing Assistant, Recording Assistant
Kenneth Cappello: Photography
Iain Findlay: Mixing Assistant, Recording Assistant
Michael Congdon: Recording Assistant, Recording
Dustin Faltz: Recording Assistant
Justin Merrill: Recording
Mike Layos: Mixing Assistant
Amber "Se7en" Streeter: Backing Vocals
Harmony "H Money" Samuels: Producer
Justin "DJ Frank E" Franks: Producer
Derrick "Bigg D" Baker: Producer
Antwoine "T-Wiz" Collins: Producer
Allessandro "Alle" Benassi: Producer
Alex Fade: Recording Assistant
Ra Charm: Co-Producer