Moby: Composer, Vocals, Recording
John Powell: Programming, Composer, Producer, Arranger
Gavin Greenaway: Conductor
Brian Sperber: Mixing
Nick Wollage: Recording
Isobel Griffiths: Orchestra Contractor
Perry Montague-Mason: Violin, Orchestra Leader
Frank Famularo: Design
Harry Garfield: Executive in Charge of Music
Kathy Nelson: Executive in Charge of Music
Koji Egawa: Scoring Consultant
Meredith Friedman: Soundtrack Coordination
Patricia Sullivan Fourstar: Mastering
Paul Altomari: Soundtrack Coordination
Phil Cohen: Music Business Affairs
Shawn Murphy: Mixing
Sheryl Gold: Music Business Affairs
Tom Arndt: Package Coordinator
David Channing: Score Editor
David Hage: Music Preparation
Peter Miles: Assistant Music Editor
Tom Carlson: Editing
Brian Drutman: A & R
Leif Covington: Package Coordinator
Rob Sneddon: Music Preparation
John Ashton Thomas: Additional Music, Programming
Daniel Lerner: Compilation, Recording, Editing
Erik Swanson: Recording
James McKee Smith: Additional Music, Programming
Germaine Franco: Score Coordinator
Nick Mera: Music Preparation
Alex Frankel: Engineer
David Foster: Music Preparation