Kanye West: Vocals
Flood: Producer
30 Seconds To Mars: Producer, Mixing
Steve Lillywhite: Producer
Mike Shipley: Mixing
Rob Kirwan: Additional Engineer
John Marks: Booking
Andrew Dawson: Vocal Engineer, Additional Vocals
Shannon Leto: Guitar, Percussion
Jamie Hart: Engineer
Andy Rogers: Producer
Simon Askew: Producer
Ken Schles: Additional Photography
Stephen Marcussen: Mastering
Eric Roinestad: Design
Mary Fagot: Creative Director
Tom Biller: Additional Engineer
Ben Gross: Mixing
Evren Göknar: Mastering
Joe Wohlmuth: Additional Engineer
Brian Virtue: Engineer, Mixing
Matt Radosevich: Additional Engineer
Neil Comber: Mixing Assistant
Bob Erzin: Producer, Piano
Arthur Spivak: Management
Joe Bishara: Additional Programming
Lawton Outlaw: Video Director
Solon Bixler: Bass, Synthesizer, Additional Guitar
Mike Dewdney: Booking
Michael Einziger: String Engineer, Strings Orchestrator
Cenzo Townshend: Mixing
Mike Joyce: Design
Jared Leto: Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Art Direction, Lead Vocals
Tomo Milicevic: Bass, Violin, Programming, Percussion, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Lead Guitar
Sonny Diperri: Additional Engineer
Varnish Studio Inc.: Art Direction
Dana Neilsen: Additional Engineer
Tom Baker: Mastering
Little Lion Studios: Enhanced CD Development
Black Dragon : Video Producer
Ari Sandel: Video Editor
30STM: Concept, Art Direction
Eric Greenspan: Legal
Dian Vaughn: Business Management
Mark Walker Assante: Business Management
John Branigan: Booking
Dr. Nner Tesy: Synthesizer
Jeffrey Jaeger: Guitar, Bass
Exeter: Bass, Additional Guitar
Ryan Williams: Engineer, Mixing
Andrew Doucette: Pre-Production Engineer
Jamie Schefman: Additional Engineer
Mark The Cobra Snake : Photography
Brian Wholgemuth: Mixing Assistant
Jo Mifflin: Assistant Producer
Bartholomew Cubbins: Original Video Concept
The MGMT Company : Management
King, Holmes, Paterno & Berliner LLP : Legal Representation
Wasserman, Grossman and Sloan LLP: Business Management
CAA : Booking Agent