The Master Musicians Of Joujouka: Percussion
Jamie Muhoberac: Keyboards
Stephen Perkins: Drums, Percussion
Perry Farrell: Character Design, Producer, Introduction, Vocals
David Andrew Sitek: Guitar, Bass, Additional Production, Programming, Keyboards
Dave Navarro: Guitar, Keyboards
Joe Adams: Introduction
John Hill: Keyboards
Rich Costey: Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Vlado Meller: Mastering
Chris Chaney: Bass
Chris Steffen: Assistant
Matthew Goldman: Art Direction
Ronette Bowie: A & R
Charlie Stavish: Engineer
Mark Santangelo: Assistant
Dustin Mosley: Engineer
Elizabeth Isik: A & R
Dan McCarroll: A & R
Jedediah Corwyn Foltz: Artwork
Stephen Grey: Product Manager
Eliot Hazel: Band Photography
Bela Temesvary: Cover Photo