Eric Drew Feldman: Additional Production
Dave Sardy: Mixing
Sven Andersson: Saxophone
Tore Johansson: Producer, Engineer, Mixing
The Mopeds: Vocals
Robert Vosgien: Mastering
Mary Fagot: Art Direction
Dusan Reljin: Photography
Howard Willing: A & R, Additional Production
Ken Sluiter: Additional Production
David Carlsson: Engineer
Rasmus Kihlberg: Drums
Filip Runesson: Viola
Sunja Park: Layout
Damian Kulash Jr.: Guitar, Percussion, Design, Keyboards, Piano, Vocals
Andrew Duncan: Guitar, Keyboards, Piano, Vibraphone, Vocals
Petter Lindgård: Engineer
Dan Konopka: Drums
Andy Ross: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Timothy Norwind: Bass, Vocals
Jens Lingård: Engineer, Trombone, Production Assistance
Tom Fowlks: Additional Photography
The Hornblow Group : Management
Highroad Touring: Booking
The Free Trade Agency : International Booking