Steven Tyler: Harmony, Backing Vocals
The Left Banke: Producer
Bob Irwin: Mastering
Hugh McCracken: Guitar
Paul Griffin: Keyboards
Paul Leka: Producer, Orchestral Arrangement, Strings, Tack Piano
The Irving Spice Strings: Strings
Steve Martin: Vocals
John Abbott: Horn Arrangement
George Young: Woodwind
Joe Mack: Bass
Al Quaglieri: Graphic Design, Photo Courtesy
Bill Levenson: Project Manager
Bobby Gregg: Drums
Tim Livingston: Project Manager
Ray Alonge: French Horn
Clark Besch: Graphic Design, Photo Courtesy
Scott Schinder: Liner Notes
Eric Schou: Design
Stephanie Kennedy: Production Coordination
Billy Radice: Engineer
Artie Schroeck: Producer, Arranger
Chet Amsterdam: Bass
Gene Radice: Producer
Ray DeSio: Trombone
Ralph Casale: Guitar, Electric Guitar
Rick Brand: Guitar, Banjo
Tom Finn: Bass, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Brendan Ford: Project Manager
George Cameron: Drums, Percussion
Tom Feher: Guitar, Piano
Marvin Potocki: Guitar
Cookie Dakes Wrublewski: Graphics
Jerry Ciccone: Guitar
Linda Hills: Speaking