Consequence: Vocals
Evidence: Co-Producer
Kanye West: Producer, Co-Executive Producer, Costumes
Miri Ben-Ari: Violin, Producer, Arranger
John Legend: Piano, Additional Vocals
Keyshia Cole: Vocals
Tony Williams: Additional Vocals
Eric Johnson: Guitar
The Boys Choir of Harlem: Vocals
Tarrey Torae: Additional Vocals
Damon Dash: Executive Producer
Tracie Spencer: Backing Vocals
Bosko: Talkbox
Eddy Schreyer: Mastering
Manny Marroquin: Mixing
Andrew Dawson: Engineer
Deray Davis: Vocals
Carlisle Young: Engineer
Dave Dar: Engineer
Riccarda Watkins: Vocals
Diamond Alabi-Isama: Vocals
Danny Clinch: Photography
Ken Lewis: Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Aisha Tyler: Vocals
Anthony Kilhoffer: Engineer
Beverly A. McCargo: Additional Vocals
Bobby Naugle: Logo Design
Brandi Kuykenvall: Vocals
Brent Kolatalo: Recording
Candis Brown: Vocals
Darcell Lawrence: Financial Director
Darrin Asemota: A & R
Deray : Additional Vocals
Diamond Alabi Isama: Children's Voices
Eric Duvauchelle: Design, Artwork Direction
Eric Weissman: Sample Clearance
Ervin Pope: Keyboards, Piano
Eugene Toale: Engineer
Francis Graham: Engineer
Jacob Andrew: Engineer
James "JT" Knight: Children's Voices
Josh Zandman: Piano
Kareem "Biggs" Burke: Executive Producer
Keenan "Kee Note" Holloway: Bass
Keith Slattery: Engineer, Keyboards
Kevin Shannon: Additional Vocals
Kyambo "Hip Hop" Joshua: A & R, Co-Executive Producer
Lauri Rowe: Design, Artwork Direction
Lavel Mena: Additional Vocals
Marcus Fuller: Engineer
Michael Eleopoulos: Engineer
Mike Godshall: Design, Artwork Direction
Patrick "Plain Pat" Reynolds: A & R
Ramses Francois: A & R
Rich Balmer: Engineer
Shalik Berry: A & R
Shawn Carter: Executive Producer
Tatsuya Sato: Engineer
Terrence "T-Berry" Hardy: Children's Voices
Thomassina Atkins: Additional Vocals
Tiera Singleton: Vocals
Tim Morris: Design, Artwork Direction
Tony Vanias: Recording Coordinator
Sam Hansen: Logo Design
Eric "EBASS" Johnson: Guitar
Porse: Additional Production
Glenn Jefferey: Guitar
Sumeke Rainey: Vocals
Linda Petty: Additional Vocals
Thai Jones: Additional Vocals
Rabeka Tunei: Recording