Joshua Bell: Violin
Gladys Knight: Executive Producer
Macy Gray: Producer, Vocals
Montell Jordan: Producer, Vocal Arrangement
Harvey Mason Jr.: Producer, Mixing
Harvey Mason: Drums
Nathan East: Bass
Aaron Zigman: Conductor, Producer, Piano
Warryn Campbell: Producer, Instrumentation
Melissa Manchester: Instrumentation
Randy Jackson: Executive Producer
Craig Kallman: Executive Producer
Alex Cohen: Music Supervisor
Florian Richter: Assistant
Gary Noble: Mixing
Peter Mokran: Mixing
Laura Izibor: Piano, Vocals
Karen Slack: Soprano Vocals
Andrea Jones-Sojola: Soprano Vocals
Lake View Terrace Voices Of Praise: Choir
Todd Whitelock: Engineer
Anne Catalino: Engineer
Bosco Mann: Producer
Kevin Randolph: Keyboards
Dabling Harward: Assistant
Damon Elliott: Mixing
Jason Schweitzer: Engineer
Jerry Hey: Producer
Justin Smith: Mastering
Keith Eaddy: Bass
Lanre Gaba: A & R
Sandra Campbell: Project Coordinator
Chris Finney: Engineer
Derrick Tabb: Snare Drums
Michael Skinkus: Hand Drums
Kenya Ivey: Vocal Arrangement
Marsha St. Hubert: Product Manager
Michael Daley: Assistant
Nick Romei: Production Manager
Peter Rogers: Soundtrack Coordination
Ryan Kennedy: Engineer
Stan Malveaux: Engineer
Tavia Ivey: Vocal Arrangement
David Boyd: Assistant
Joel C. High: Executive Producer, Music Supervisor
Anthony "Shep" Crawford: Producer, Drum Programming, Keyboards
Eric Hall: Saxophone
Kenny Mason: Director
Brian Kierulf: Programming, Instrumentation
Dennis Sands: Engineer
Kenneth Young: Backing Vocals
Vitek Kral: Engineer
Adam Klemens: Conductor
Jay Weigel: Producer, Mixing
Vonciele Faggatt: Backing Vocals
Steve Salani: Engineer
Andrew Hay: Producer, Engineer
Kannon "Caviar" Cross: Producer
Jimmy "Professa" Russell: Producer
Joi Pitts: Product Manager
Tyler Perry: Executive Producer
Rebecca Rienks: A & R, Assistant Music Supervisor
Kevin Weaver: Executive in Charge of Music, Executive Producer
Paul Lamalfa: Assistant Engineer
Gabriel Roth: Engineer, Mixing
Avriele "AVenue" Crandle: Producer, Engineer
Nick Bilardello: Design, Art Direction
Daniel Adaggio: Strings
Dan Amsden: Assistant Engineer
Ozzie Areu: Executive Producer
Kevin Arline: Bass
Bruce Beauchner: Engineer, Mixing
Jeffrey Bluestein: Producer
Quantrell Colbert: Photography
Cristian DeLano: Engineer
Aaron Fink: Music Supervisor
Angela N. Golightly: Production Coordination
Stephanie Kremer: General Manager
Melissa "Honey" Larochelle: Producer
Alfreda McDaniels: Backing Vocals
William McDowell: Executive Producer
Professa Funk: Guitar
Antonio "De Maestro" Santiago: Keyboards, Tracking
Uli Pallemanns: Engineer