David Briggs: Producer, Recording
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Producer
Graham Nash: Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Nils Lofgren: Piano
Stephen Stills: Guitar, Piano, Vocals
J.J. Cale: Guitar
David Crosby: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Linda Ronstadt: Backing Vocals
Neil Young: Producer, String Arrangement
The Stray Gators: Musical Backing
Ben Keith: Producer, Pedal Steel
Dallas Taylor: Drums
Nicolette Larson: Backing Vocals
Spooner Oldham: Organ, Piano
James Taylor: Bass, Backing Vocals
Joel Bernstein: Photography
Greg Reeves: Bass
Tim Drummond: Bass
The Sheldon Kurland Strings: Strings
Farrell Morris: Percussion
Dale Sellers: Acoustic Guitar
Teddy Irwin: Guitar
Billy Talbot: Bass, Backing Vocals
Gary VanOsdale: Strings
Calvin Samuels: Bass
Jerry Shook: Acoustic Guitar
Joe Osborn: Bass
Karl Himmel: Drums
Rufus Thibodeaux: Backing Vocals
Steve Gibson: Acoustic Guitar
Vic Jordan: Acoustic Guitar
Bill Peterson: Flugelhorn
Elliot Mazer: Producer, Recording
Henry Lewy: Recording
John Nowland: Analog Transfer, Recording
Marvin Chantry: Strings
Niko Bolas: Recording
Stephanie Woolf: Strings
Roy Christensen: Strings
Virginia Christensen: Strings
Chad Cromwell: Drums
Danny Whitten: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Gary Burden: Artwork
Bucky Barrett: Acoustic Guitar
Carole Walker: Strings
Chuck Cochran: String Arrangement
Larry Harvin: Strings
Martha McCrory: Strings
Rebecca Lynch: Strings
Andy McMahon: Piano
Henry Saskowski: Recording
John Barbata: Drums
Ralph Molina: Drums, Backing Vocals
Elliot Roberts: Direction
Jenice Heo: Artwork
Tim Mulligan: Mastering, Recording
Frank "Poncho" Sampedro: Guitar, Vocals
George Kosmola: Strings
Harry Sitam: Technical Engineer
Maryanna Harvin: Strings
Rick Rosas: Bass
Rita Fey: Autoharp
Kenny Buttrey: Drums
John Christopher: Acoustic Guitar
John Hausmann: Assistant Engineer
George Binkley: Strings