Gavin Greenaway: Conductor
Hans Zimmer: Producer, Synthesizer
Lorne Balfe: Additional Music, Producer
Atli Örvarsson: Soloist
Anthony Pleeth: Cello
Geoff Foster: Mixing, Recording
Maurice Murphy: Trumpet
Bruce Fowler: Orchestration
Chris Barrett: Assistant Engineer
Doug Frank: Executive in Charge of Music
Isobel Griffiths: Orchestra Contractor
Mary Scully: Bass
Perry Montague-Mason: Violin
Peter Lale: Viola
Dudley Bright: Tenor Trombone
Keith Zajic: Music Business Affairs
Owen Slade: Tuba
Patricia Sullivan: Mastering
Davey Johnstone: Guitar
Richard Watkins: Horn
David Theodore: Oboe
Bob Badami: Score Wrangler
Ann Marie Calhoun: Violin
Nicholas Bucknail: Clarinet
Suzette Moriarty: Orchestration
Eliza Marshall: Flute
Jason Linn: Executive in Charge of Music
Richard Skinner: Bassoon
Sandeep Sriram: Soundtrack Coordination
Kevin Kaska: Orchestration
Andrew Kawczynski: Engineer
Aleksey Igudesman: Violin
Andrew Zack: Score Coordinator
Jacob Shea: Technical Assistance
Mark Wherry: Digital Instruments
Noah Sorota: Violin
Steven Kofsky: Production Service
Thomas Broderick: Engineer
Peter Snell: Photography, Music Editor
Dirk Hebert: Music Business Affairs
Adam Miller: Assistant Engineer
Walter Fowler: Orchestration
Charlotte Matthews: Assistant Contractor
Nick Delaplane: Technical Assistance
Tina Guo: Cello
Katia Lewin: Assistant Engineer
Guy Ritchie: Executive Producer
Dave Stewart: Bass Trombone
Diego Stocco: Electronics