Stereo MC's: Engineer, Remix Producer, Arranger
DJ Shadow: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Turntables, Recording, Arranger
Morcheeba: Remix Producer, Arranger
Casual: Backing Vocals
Dan The Automator: Producer, Engineer, Recording, Arranger
E-40: Backing Vocals
Evidence: Recording
KRS-One: Backing Vocals
Lyrics Born: Additional Production, Programming, Producer, Percussion, Executive Producer, Finger Snaps, Keyboards, Mixing, Backing Vocals, Recording, Arranger, Additional Arrangement
The Poets of Rhythm: Producer, Remix Producer, Arranger
Cut Chemist: Cut, Scratches
DJ Spinna: Additional Production, Producer, Remix, Sampling, Turntables
Chief Xcel: Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Turntables, Recording, Arranger
Joyo Velarde: Choir, Chorus, Vocals, Backing Vocals
DJ D-Sharp: Turntables
Tommy Guerrero: Bass
Constance Lopez: Backing Vocals
Young Einstein: Remix Producer, Arranger
Taya Tuggle: Backing Vocals
Halou: Remix Producer, Arranger
Capricorn II: Remix Producer, Arranger
DJ Icewater: Turntables
Joe Gore: Guitar
The Count: Percussion, Mixing, Recording
Jumbo: Producer, Recording, Sampler, Arranger
Jan Krause: Bass, Engineer, Recording
RV Salters: Keyboards
Keith Tamashiro: Design
Steve Hall: Mastering
Alex Artaud: Engineer, Recording
B. Baral: Congas, Percussion, Finger Snaps
Brent Rollins: Artwork
Chico Holiday: Backing Vocals
Dennis "D.T." Thomas: Camera Operator
D-Wiz: Engineer, Recording
Eugene Smith: Mixing
Greg Kehret: Bass
Isaac Bess: General Manager
J. Whitefield: Guitar, Finger Snaps, Keyboards
Jon Saint James: Engineer
Lydia Popovich: Production Coordination
Michael Nardone: A & R
Mike Cresswell: Mixing
Roberto Reyes: Camera Operator
Ryan Coseboom: Keyboards, Remix Producer
S├ębastien Martel: Guitar
Bob Scott: Recording
J. Curly: Bass
Rodney Sino-Cruz: Recording
Teak Underdue: Bass, Keyboards
M. Whitefield: Drums, Finger Snaps
Til Sham: Organ
Kozydan: Illustrations