The Game: Vocals
Clinton Sparks: Producer
Diddy: Co-Producer
DJ Green Lantern: Producer
Eminem: Producer, Mixing
Faith Evans: Producer, Executive Producer
Swizz Beatz: Producer
J-Dub: Producer, Keyboards
Just Blaze: Producer
Havoc: Producer
Jazze Pha: Producer
Scott Storch: Producer
Stevie J.: Producer
Mario Winans: Producer
Scram Jones: Producer, Scratches, Scratches
Tony Maserati: Mixing
Karen Anderson: Vocals
Terry Date: Mixing
Steve Sola: Mixing
Reefa: Producer
Andre Harris: Producer
Atticus Ross: Programming, Producer, Engineer
Cochise: Piano
Glen Marchese: Mixing
Ian Mereness: Assistant Pro-Tools Engineer
Jonathan Davis: Producer
Leslie Brathwaite: Mixing
Luis Resto: Additional Production, Keyboards
Sandra Park: Conductor, String Arrangement
Tony Dofat: Mixing
Andrew Dawson: Engineer
Steven King: Guitar, Bass, Mixing
Chink Santana: Producer, All Instruments
Chris Athens: Mastering
Christopher Stern: Creative Director
Rich Keller: Mixing
Vidal Davis: Producer
Lucas McClelland: Assistant
Mark Pitts: Executive Producer
Alex Venguer: Recording
Andrew Slade: Assistant Engineer
Andy Gallas: Assistant
Andy Geel: Digital Editing, Editor
Capricorn Clark: Vocals
Chris Gilbert: Engineer
Conrad Dimanche: Associate Executive Producer
Corte Ellis: Engineer
Daniel Betancourt: Engineer
Daniel Mitchell: Digital Editing, Engineer, Pro Tools
Danja Mowf: Producer
David Frederic: Engineer, Recording
Deborah Mannis-Gardner: Sample Clearance
Eric "Erk" Vargas: Engineer, Recording
Francesca Spero: Project Coordinator
Geno Sims: A & R
Gwendolyn Niles: Project Manager
Harve "Joe Hooker" Pierre: A & R, Producer, Executive Producer
Isaiah Abolin: Assistant Engineer
Jason Carson: Engineer
Jaymz Hardy Martin III: Engineer
Josh Monroy: Engineer
Kevin "Kev O" Wilson: Mixing, Assistant Engineer
King James II: Engineer, Assistant Engineer
Kori Anders: Assistant Engineer
Makeba Riddick: Vocals
Marcella "Ms Lago" Aracia: Mixing
Michael Berman: Engineer, Vocal Tracking
Mike Guidotti: Assistant Engineer
Mister Cee: Associate Executive Producer
Nate Oberman: Engineer, Recording
Nico Solis: Engineer
Ralph Cacciurri: Engineer
Ryan West: Engineer
Sean Cane: Producer
Steve Fisher: Engineer
Tatsuya Sato: Engineer, Recording
Tony Campana: Engineer
Victor Abijaudi: Engineer, Recording
Young Guru: Recording
William E. Pettaway Jr.: Production Coordination
Voletta Wallace: Executive Producer, Liner Notes, Vocals
Wayne Barrow: Producer, Executive Producer
Bryan Ellis: Engineer, Recording
Candi Shand: Marketing
Chris Soper: Assistant Engineer
Cornell Brown: Engineer, Assistant Engineer
Ebony Black: Additional Vocals
Elizabeth Rosen: Illustrations
John Bedo: Engineer
Juelz Venguer: Engineer
Lindsay Rodman: Project Coordinator
Missy Webb: Assistant Engineer
Mr. Rogers Rogers: Engineer
Pat Billett: Engineer
Rob Mathis: Conductor, String Arrangement
Ruben "Swift" Vidal: Engineer
T Yanna Dream Wallace: Vocals
Gabriel Garcia: Assistant
D-Dot : Producer
Christopher Wallace: Executive Producer
Jason Wiley: Marketing
Kenneth Meiselas: Legal Representation
Martha Georghiou: Legal Representation
Paul Licalsi: Legal Representation
David Baum: Legal Representation
Mike Strange: Mixing, Recording
David Hyman: Recording, Additional Engineer
Jay Fox: Recording
Reed Taylor: Assistant
That N***a Keez : Bass
Brad Rosenberg: Assistant
Leo Ross: Assistant Producer
David Brown: Assistant Engineer