Lalo Schifrin: Arranger
Lauryn Hill: Vocals
DJ Premier: Producer
The Large Professor: Producer
Nas: Executive Producer
Q-Tip: Producer
Puff Daddy: Credit Not Specified
R. Kelly: Credit Not Specified
Chucky Thompson: Producer
Trackmasters: Executive Producer
Salaam Remi: Producer, Arranger
Eddie Sancho: Recording
L.E.S.: Producer
Rashad Smith: Producer
Rich Travali: Engineer
Steve Souder: Recording
Stevo: Mixing
Tim Latham: Engineer
Pablo Arraya: Assistant Engineer
Paul Gregory: Assistant Engineer
Chris Gehringer: Mastering
Danny Clinch: Photography
Jonathan Mannion: Photography
Kathryn Bostic: Backing Vocals
A.Z.: Vocals
Anton Pushansky: Tracking
Chris Feldmann: Artwork
Chris Webber: Producer
Daniel Moss: Photography
Delight: Keyboards
Diego Garrido: Mixing
Jason Vogel: Engineer
Kevin Crouse: Mixing, Recording
Mike "The Razor" Brinkley: Arranger
Richard Travali: Mixing
Stan Wallace: Engineer
Steve Stoute: Executive Producer
George R. "Golden Fingers" Pearson: Arranger
D-Moet: Producer
Hype Williams: Executive Producer
Pretty Boy: Producer
Poke and Tone : Producer
Jessie Gladstone: Recording
Franklin Emmanuel Socorro: Mixing, Recording
Don Goodrick: Mixing