The Memphis Horns: Horns
Cowboy Jack Clement: Recording
Bob Dylan: Hammond Organ, Backing Vocals
Brian Eno: Keyboards
Bruce Cockburn: Credit Not Specified
B.B. King: Guitar, Vocals
Bono: Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Van Dyke Parks: String Arrangement
Sterling Magee: Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Adam Gussow: Harmonica
The Edge: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Joey Miskulin: Organ
Adam Clayton: Bass
Benmont Tench: Keyboards
Ethan Johns: Assistant Engineer
Brian Reeves: Mixing
Dave Meegan: Recording
Pat McCarthy: Assistant Engineer
Randy Wine: Assistant Engineer
New Voices Of Freedom: Vocals
Ian Bryan: Recording Assistant
Paul Barrett: Recording
Anton Corbijn: Front Cover Photo
Arnie Acosta: Mastering
Brian Scheuble: Assistant Engineer
Cheryl Engels: Studio Crew
Des Broadbery: Studio Crew
Don Smith: Mixing, Additional Engineer
Larry Mullen, Jr.: Drums
David Hewitt: Remote Recording, Recording
Jimmy Iovine: Producer
Phil Gitomer: Remote Recording
Shelly Yakus: Mixing
Dave Ferguson: Recording
Rebecca Evans Russell: Backing Vocals
Clark Germain: Assistant Engineer
David Tickle: Mixing, Post-Production Engineer, Recording
Gary Wagner: Additional Overdubs
Marc DeSisto: Additional Engineer, Assistant Engineer
Norm Ung: Design
Richard McKernan: Additional Overdubs
Rob Jacobs: Mixing
Thom Panunzio: Mixing, Recording
Mark McKenna: Mixing Assistant
DZN : Design
George Pendergrass: Soloist
Dennis Bell: Musical Direction
Randy Staub: Additional Engineer, Assistant Engineer
J.B. Matteotti: Remote Recording
Bob Vogt: Additional Engineer
Phyllis Duncan: Backing Vocals
Dorothy Terrell: Soloist
Colm Henry: Back Cover Photo
Ron Jacobs: Additional Engineer
Fraser McAlister: Studio Crew
Helen Duncan: Backing Vocals
Paul McGuinness: Manager
Sam O'Sullivan: Studio Crew
Sheila Roche: Management
Theresa Pesco: Assistant
Ellen Darst: Management
Marc Coleman: Management
Gregg McCarty: Music Coordinator
Anne-Louise Kelly: Art Coordinator, Management, Product Coordinator
Dennis Sheehan: Tour Manager
Barbara Galavan: Management
Jackie Bennett: Management
Brigid Mooney: Management
Cillian Guidera: Management
Cecilia Coffey: Management
Fritz Lang: Recording
Keryn Kaplan: Management
Debbie Bernadini: Management
Suzanne Doyle: Management
John Clark: Credit Not Specified
Tracy Weston: Design
Riea Pendleton-Owens: Design
Bill Rubenstein: Back Cover Photo
Phil Joanou: Photo Courtesy
Rob Brinkmann: Photo Courtesy