Gemini: Drum Programming, Sampling, Sequencing
2Pac: Rap
Digital Underground: Liner Notes
Jay-Z: Turntables
George Clinton: Vocals
Humpty Hump: Rap
Shorty B: Rap
Pee Wee: Synthesizer, Keyboards, Rap, Vocals
Shock-G: Drum Programming, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Rap, Sampling, Sequencing, Vocals
Jeff Gray: Assistant, Mixing Assistant
Atron Gregory: Executive Producer
Big Money Odis: Rap
Big Stretch: Rap
Blocko: Rap, Vocals
Bonnie Boyer: Vocals
Conditioner: Guitar
Darrin Harris: Engineer, Mixing, Mixing Engineer
Deon Evans: Drum Programming, Sampling, Sequencing
DJ Fuze: Turntables
D-Love: Rap
D-Love "P.B.C.": Rap
Greg Jacobs: Creative Art, Development, Executive Producer, Creation
Jeremy "Jay-Z" Jackson: Drum Programming, Sampling, Sequencing, Vocals
Juan Carlos: Percussion
Kenny K: Rap
Lynn Levy: Assistant, Mixing Assistant
Mack-Mone: Rap
Malcom Sherwood: Engineer, Mixing
Mark Senasac: Engineer, Mixing
Mark Weinberg: Artwork Direction
Marlon "Dr. Illenstein" Kemp: Concept, Creative Art, Development, Vocals, Creation
Master Mind DJ: Rap
MC Blowfish: Vocals
MC Clever: Rap
Money-B: Rap
Niggerachi: Piano
O.B.: Rap
Omar Everett: Rap
Otis Dunn: Vocals
Rackadelic: Illustrations
Ramone "Pee Wee" Gooden: Synthesizer, Keyboards, Rap, Vocals
Ronald "Omar" Everett: Rap
Ronese Levias: Vocals
Schmoovy-Schmoov: Vocals
Shassiah: Rap
Steve Counter: Engineer
The God Rakiem: Rap
The Piano-Man: Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano
Too Fly Eli: Turntables
Treach: Vocals
Underground Production Squad : Producer, Mixing
Victor Hall: Cover Photo, Photography
Mark Moore: Rap