Nate Dogg: Producer, Executive Producer, Mixing
2Pac: Vocals
Daz Dillinger: Producer, Vocals
Warren G: Producer, Vocals
Big Chuck: Vocals
Big Skye: Vocals
Sam Sneed: Producer
Snoop Doggy Dogg: Producer, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Teddy Riley: Producer
Val Young: Backing Vocals
L.T. Hutton: Producer, Backing Vocals
Priest "Soopafly" Brooks: Producer, Keyboards
Johnny J: Producer
Tray Deee: Vocals
Carl "Butch" Small: Percussion
Barbara Wilson: Vocals, Backing Vocals
Isaac Reese: Backing Vocals
Lance Pierre: Engineer, Mixing
Ricky Rouse: Guitar
Sean "Barney" Thomas: Producer
Six Feet Deep: Backing Vocals
Stasys Balciunas: Art Direction
Lady of Rage : Backing Vocals
Danny "Butch" Means: Vocals, Backing Vocals
Kurupt the Kingpin: Producer, Vocals
Salim : Backing Vocals
Les Silver: Project Coordinator
Tommy "D" Daugherty: Engineer, Keyboards, Mixing
Nancy Fletcher: Backing Vocals
Tony Green: Bass
Fuskee: Backing Vocals
Pamela Hale: Vocals
Alicia Sutton: A & R Administration
Gina Hawkins: A & R Administration