Chip Davis: Backing Vocals
Al Anderson: Acoustic Guitar
Suzanne Cox: Backing Vocals
Cindy Walker: Backing Vocals
Bryan Sutton: Archguitar, Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, Resonator Guitar, Mandolin, Soloist, 12-String Guitar, Acoustic Hi-String Guitar
Bergen White: String Arrangement
Craig Duncan and the Smoky Mountain Band: Hammered Dulcimer
Doug Sax: Mastering
Eric Swanson: Photography
Robert Hadley: Mastering
Carl Gorodetzky: Violin, Contractor
Connie Ellisor: Violin
Eric Darken: Drums, Bells, Cajón, Chimes, Timpani, Cymbals, Djembe, Bass Drums, Snare Drums, Frame Drum, Jaw Harp, Shaker, Tambourine, Vibraphone
Kris Wilkinson: Viola
Michael Chavez: Assistant
Pamela Sixfin: Violin
Paul Franklin: Pedabro
Sean D. Jacobs: Engineer
Wes Hightower: Backing Vocals
Jelly Roll Johnson: Harmonica, Bass Harmonica
Brent Mason: Acoustic Guitar, Gut String Guitar
Jason Lehning: Engineer
Jim Grosjean: Viola
Larry Franklin: Fiddle, Mandolin
Sidney Cox: Backing Vocals
Vicki Hampton: Backing Vocals
Dennis Crouch: Bass
Kyle Lehning: Producer, Mixing
Lisa Silver: Backing Vocals
Blair Berle: Creative Director
Larry Beaird: Acoustic Guitar
Anthony LaMarchina: Cello
Tony Harrell: Accordion, Harmonium
Katherine Petillo: Artwork Direction
Cheryl H. McTyre: A & R
Shawn McSpadden: A & R
Tim Marshall: A & R
Casey Wood: Assistant, Bells, Snare Drums, Engineer, High-Hat, Production Coordination, Tambourine
Michael Aldridge: Engineer
Randy Kohrs: Dobro
Christina Ketterling: Backing Vocals
Dave Estridge: Vocal Arrangement
Dolores Hessinger: Wardrobe Assistant
Elizabeth Travis: Creative Director, Stylist, Wardrobe
Pastor Matthew Hagee: Backing Vocals
Phillip "Mister P" Ivey: Hair Stylist, Make-Up
Richard Logsdon: Artwork Direction
Sheldon Yellowhair: Assistant
Billy Davis: Backing Vocals