The Donnas: Camera Operator, Interviewee, Artwork Concept
The Hellacopters: Backing Vocals
Tim Baker: Camera Operator
Andy Dick: Interviewer
Dime: Assistant Engineer
David Anthony: Producer
Chris Lord-Alge: Mixing
Jason Carmer: Producer, Engineer
Sean Beresford: Engineer
Emily Lazar: Mastering
Sarah Register: Mastering Assistant
Stephen Stickler: Artwork, Cover Photo, Photography
Jackie Kelso: Camera Operator
Clint Roth: Engineer
Gloria Gabriel: Producer
Jesse Nichols: Assistant Engineer
Christina Dittmar: Artwork Direction
Michael Rosen: Assistant Engineer
Paul Revelli: Drum Technician
Popglory: Artwork Direction
Scott Smith: Audio Supervisor
Chris Becker: Animation
Davy Newkirk: Model
Donna C.: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Donna F.: Vibraslap, Backing Vocals
Donna R.: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Eric Frison: Assistant Engineer
Mary Gormley: A & R
Robert Shimp: Producer, Engineer