Ben Harper: Producer, Dobro, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Weissenborn Guitar
Richard Cook: Uilleann Pipes
Eddy Schreyer: Mastering
Tom Dolan: Design, Art Direction
Suzie Katayama: Cello
Mikal Reid: Associate Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Rick Olivier: Photography
Gail Deadrick: Piano
Ben Elder: Advisor, Research
"Rock" Deadrick: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Bradley Cook: Assistant Engineer
Clarence Butler: Backing Vocals
John McKnight: Bass, Accordion
Paula "Max" Garcia: Assistant Engineer
J.P. Plunier: Producer, Art Direction
Clyde Allen: Backing Vocals
Jeff Gottlieb: Associate Producer, Photography
Clabe Hangan: Backing Vocals
Jelani Jones: Backing Vocals
Ken McDaniel: Backing Vocals
David Codikow: Legal Representation
Andy Factor: A & R
Phillipe Le Bihan: Photography
Kevin Williams: Backing Vocals
Bessie Udin: Dedicated To
Jack F. Knapp: Dedicated To
John Taylor: Backing Vocals