John Adams: Organ, Fender Rhodes
MJ Cole: Additional Keyboards
Teodross Avery: Saxophone
Jason Rebello: Piano
Mark Pritchard: Additional Production
Amy Winehouse: Guitar, Author, Producer, Footsteps, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Jeni Fujita: Backing Vocals
Rico Rodriguez: Trombone
Earl "Chinna" Smith: Guitar
Jools Holland: Piano
Mark Flanagan: Guitar
Christopher Holland: Organ
Salaam Remi: Bass, Drums, Producer, Percussion, Electric Upright Bass, Music Box, Organ, Remix, Arranger
Matt Lord: Engineer, Mixing
Robert Aaron: Flute, Saxophone
Arnie Somogyi: Bass
Ben Edwards: Trumpet
Dave Brinkworth: Additional Production
Felix Howard: Producer, Engineer, Backing Vocals
Gary Noble: Engineer, Mixing, Assistant Engineer
Gordon Williams: Percussion
Jeremy Shaw: Guitar
Jeremy Stacey: Drums
Lenny Underwood: Piano
Mike Kearsey: Trombone
Paul Flynn: Liner Notes
Paul Watson: Engineer
Richard Wilkinson: Drums
Tom Elmhirst: Mixing
21st Century Jazz: Accompaniment
Tom Coyne: Mastering
Andy Rogers: Producer
Chris Storr: Trumpet
Dale Davis: Bass
Derek Nash: Saxophone
Mike Walter: Engineer
Paul Simm: Producer
Valerie Phillips: Photography
Winston Rollins: Trombone
Commissioner Gordon: Drums, Programming, Producer, Percussion, Effects, Engineer, Mixing, Turntables
Rudy Bird: Percussion, Shaker
Bruce Purse: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Baritone Horn, Bass Trumpet
Delroy "Chris" Cooper: Bass
John Pirretti: Assistant Engineer
Vincent Henry: Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Alto Flute, Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Ian Barter: Guitar, Music Direction
Mark Ward: Engineer
Michael "Bammi" Rose: Saxophone
Alison Howe: Producer
Tanya Darby: Trumpet
Jon Scott: Trumpet
Brent Williams: Mixing Assistant
Gilson Lavis: Drums, Percussion
Johnny Rockstar: Additional Production
Lisa Graham: Saxophone
Roger Goslyn: Trombone
Sam Cunningham: Producer
Nick Lunt: Baritone
Phil Veacock: Saxophone
Houston Bowen: Assistant Engineer
Dave Swift: Bass
Jason McDermid: Trumpet
Chris Mears: Producer
Michael Nash Associates : Design
Luke "Lukvatine" Smith: Bass, Engineer, Keyboards, Piano
Stafford Hunter: Trombone
Mike Felton: Sound Supervision
Donovan Jackson: Keyboards, Organ, Fender Rhodes
Matt Rowe: Producer, Trumpet, Backing Vocals
Stefan Skarbek: Trumpet, Backing Vocals
Nathan Allen: Drums
Stuart Anning: Drums
Carwyn Griffith: Engineer
Timothy Hutton: Horn
Charles Moriarty: Cover Photo
Steve "ESP" Nowacynski: Engineer, Assistant Engineer
Jonathan Shakhovskoy: Engineer
Femi Temowo: Guitar, Musical Direction
Troy Wilson: Drums
Alistair White: Trombone
Jack Selner: Dedicated To
Harold Winehouse: Dedicated To
Ben Bryant: Assistant Engineer
Errol Campbell: Drums
Wilburn Squiddley Cole: Drums
Dave Temple: Saxophone
Pete Cochran: Bass