The Sabres Of Paradise: Producer, Remix
Apollo 440: Bass, Programming, Percussion Programming
The Wolfgang Press: Programming, Design
Adrian Sherwood: Remix
Michael Brook: Guitar, Electric Guitar, Remix
Gary Asquith: Vocals
Barry Adamson: Producer, Remix
George Holt: Synthesizer, EMS VCS3
Steve Fitzmaurice: Engineer
Keith LeBlanc: Producer, Drum Programming
Claudia Fontaine: Vocals, Backing Vocals, Voices
Guy Fixsen: Engineer
Howard Gray: Producer, Mixing
Skip McDonald: Bass
Stephen Bray: Engineer
Andy Kowalski: Engineer
Chris Bigg: Design
Gloria Robakowski: Vocals, Backing Vocals
Robin Brown: Programming, Percussion, Percussion Programming
Noko : Dobro
Rew : Programming
Steve Gray: Photography
Andy Montgomery: Engineer
Jo Bruce: Assistant, Assistant Engineer
Dave Curtis: Bass
Billy Surgeoner: Piano
Stephen Blake: Saxophone
Claire Tomkinson: Engineer
Craig Vear: Drums, Percussion
Drostan Madden: Programming, Clavinet, Producer, Keyboards
Jay Posner: Congas
John Segs: Bass
Mark Harwood: Photography, Portraits
Sandra Moussemp├Ęs: Vocals, Voices
Segs : Bass, Drum Programming
T.W.P.: Percussion, Design
Vicki St. James: Backing Vocals