Keith Richards: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Phil Spector: Bass
The Rolling Stones: Arranger
Jack Nitzsche: Percussion, Harpsichord, Organ, Piano
Mick Jagger: Harmonica, Percussion, Vocals
Bill Wyman: Bass, Backing Vocals
Charlie Watts: Drums, Percussion
Brian Jones: Guitar, Harmonica, Organ, Backing Vocals
J.W. Alexander: Percussion
Andrew Loog Oldham: Producer
Bob Ludwig: Mastering
Mike Leander: String Arrangement
Steve Rosenthal: Archives Coordinator, Restoration
Jon Astley: Additional Analog To Digital Transfer
Ian Stewart: Piano
David Hassinger: Engineer
Gus Skinas: DSD Engineer
Mick McKenna: Additional Tape Archive Research
Paschal Byrne: Additional Analog To Digital Transfer
Alisa Coleman-Ritz: Repackaging Art Direction
Iris W. Keitel: Repackaging Art Direction
Jody H. Klein: Restoration Producer
Laura Walton: Production Assistance
Lenne Allik: Concept
Teri Landi: Analog To Digital Transfer, Tape Archive Research
Maria Papazahariou: Production Assistance
Gered Mankowitz: Cover Photo
Jane Byrne: Additional Tape Archive Research
Nicole Monea: Art Production Assistance
Zane Peterson: Repackaging Design
Patricia Sheppard: Art Production Assistance