Tex Williams: Sounds
Ronnie Drew: Guest Appearance, Vocals
Matt Kelly: Drums, Backing Vocals
Nick Zampiello: Mastering
James Lynch: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kristen Smith: Engineer
Matt Tahaney: Engineer
Al Barr: Vocals
Mark Carey: Backing Vocals
Spider Stacy: Guest Appearance, Vocals
Ken Casey: Bass, Vocals
Jim Siegel: Engineer, Mixing
Dave Slevin: Engineer
John Cohan: Drum Technician, Photography
Marc Orrell: Guitar, Accordion, Banjo, Backing Vocals
Raymond Jeffrey: Engineer
Rick Barton: Guitar
Scott Riebling: Equipment Rental
Scruffy Wallace: Bagpipes
Tim Brennan: Accordion, Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Tin Whistle, Backing Vocals
Tommy Hayes: Assistant
Charles Webb: Sounds
"Uncle" Pete Macphee: Illustrations
Andrew Webb: Sounds
Andy Reiner: Violin
Armand Aromin: Violin
Brandon Webb: Sounds
Brendan Costello: Cover Model
Chris Baum: Violin
Chris Rioux: Digital Art
Colin Galvin: Cover Model
Dave Siegel: Assistant
Declan Webb: Sounds
Emma Casey: Sounds
Eric Baird: Sampling, Sequencing, Editor
Greyson Welch: Photography, Video Editor
Halley Feaster: Cello, Organizer, String Arrangement
Ian Webb: Sounds
Jack Flaherty: Cover Model
Jeni MagaƱa: Double Bass
John Kingsley: Violin
Joseph Gloosian: Layout Design, Artwork Direction
Kailynn Finnigan: Cover Model
Kathryn Griffin: Sounds
Keith Dickerhofe: Cello
Kenny "Welcome To The Jungle" Tallent: Bagpipes
Kerry Breet Hurley: Cover Photo
Liam Casey: Sounds
Matthew Ball: Cover Model
Molly Hedderman: Cover Model
Morgan Hurley: Sounds
Olivia Swanson: Cover Model
Sydney Galvin: Cover Model
Tim "High Society" Brett: Photo Assistance
Tim Weed: Violin
Matthew Edwards: Double Bass