William Orbit: Producer
Adonis: Producer
Chris Brown: Producer, Vocals, Executive Producer, Creative Director
Nas: Vocals
Benny Benassi: Producer, All Instruments
Serban Ghenea: Mixing
Big Sean: Vocals
Alle Benassi: Producer, All Instruments
John Hanes: Mixing Engineer
Manny Marroquin: Mixing
Wiz Khalifa: Vocals
Polow da Don: Producer
Free School: Producer, All Instruments
Kevin McCall: Co-Producer, Backing Vocals, Vocals
Team Breezy: Executive Producer, Management, Creative Director, Art Direction, Design
Tom Coyne: Mastering
Courtney Walter: Creative Director, Art Direction, Design
Mark Pitts: Executive Producer
The Underdogs: Producer
Tina Davis: Executive Producer
Brian Springer: Engineer
Jason Perry: Producer
Jerome Harmon: Co-Producer
André Frappier: Guitar
Greg Curtis: Additional Keyboards
Kweli Calderon: Grooming
Dan Cohen: Additional Recording
Jeff "Supa Jeff" Villanueva: Additional Pro Tools Editing
Andrew Hey: Engineer
Tha Bizness: Producer
Jaycen Joshua: Mixing
The Runners : Producer
The Monarch : Co-Producer
Brian Kennedy: Producer, Co-Producer
Danja : Producer
Tina M. Davis: Management
Chris Galland: Mixing Assistant
Pop Wansel: Producer
Dennis Leupold: Photography
Stevin Gomillion: Photography
Alex Delicata: Electric Guitar, Guitar Arrangement
Iain Findlay: Assistant Engineer
Alex Dilliplane: Assistant Engineer
Phil Seaford: Mixing Assistant
David Thomas: Stylist
Harmony "H Money" Samuels: Producer
Delbert Bowers: Mixing Assistant
Trehy Harris: Mixing Assistant
Sevyn Streeter: Vocals, Backing Vocals
Sabrina Antoinette: Vocals
Alexander "Fuego" Palmer: Producer
Michael "Mike J" Jimenez: Backing Vocals
Dayvi Jae: Co-Producer
The Messingers: Producer
Adonis Shropshire: Backing Vocals
Georgia Reign: Backing Vocals
Bradford Smith: Assistant Engineer
Doug Geikie: Assistant Engineer
Dante Jones: Co-Producer
Tommy Hitz: Producer
Is The Guitarist: Guitar
Boi-1da: Producer
Dewain Whitmore , Jr.: Backing Vocals
Lonnie Smoke-Stinson: Grooming
Sviatlana: Model
Jacquelyn S.: Model
Sajata S.: Model