Rick Orozco: Credit Not Specified
Sons of the San Joaquin: Credit Not Specified
Herb Jeffries: Credit Not Specified
Dennis Wilson: Backing Vocals
Joey Miskulin: Accordion
David Hoffner: Keyboards, Orchestral Arrangement
Christopher Wilkins: Conductor
Bergen White: Orchestral Arrangement
Robert Mirabal: Flute, Percussion
Michael Martin Murphy: Guitar, Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar, Piano
Denny Purcell: Mastering
Don Cobb: Digital Editing
Dennis Burnside: Orchestral Arrangement, Piano
Craig Nelson: Bass, Acoustic Bass
David Hewitt: Engineer
Phil Gitomer: Assistant Engineer
William Matthews: Watercolor Artwork
Eric Prestidge: Producer, Digital Editing, Engineer, Mastering
Sean McClintock: Assistant Engineer
Tim Roberts: Assistant Engineer
Chris Leuzinger: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Curtis Young: Backing Vocals
Jon "JD" Dickson: Digital Editing
Marc Frigo: Mixing Assistant
Sonny Garrish: Steel Guitar
Tommy Wells: Drums
Wyatt McSpadden: Photography
Robert Tassi: Assistant Engineer
Jim Norman: Producer
Hank Singer: Fiddle, Mandolin
Mark Casstevens: Acoustic Guitar
Simon Levy: Artwork Direction
Danny Kee: Production Coordination
Jack Hannah: Talking
Jade Novak: Design
John Wesley Riles: Backing Vocals
Larry Cansler: Orchestral Arrangement