Jimmy Smith: Hammond B3 Organ, MIDI
Siedah Garrett: Vocals
Michael Jackson: Clapping, Finger Snaps, Percussion, Producer, Rhythm Arrangement, Sound Design, Synthesizer Arrangement, Vocal Arrangement, Vocals
Stevie Wonder: Synthesizer, Vocals
Letta Mbulu: Chant
Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion
Quincy Jones: Producer, Rhythm Arrangement, Synthesizer Arrangement, Vocal Arrangement
Ndugu Chancler: Drums
Paul Jackson, Jr.: Guitar
Randy Waldman: Synthesizer
The Winans: Backing Vocals
Humberto Gatica: Drums, Engineer
Glen Ballard: Rhythm Arrangement, Synthesizer, Synthesizer Arrangement
Afrojack: Remix
Nathan East: Bass
AndraƩ Crouch: Vocal Arrangement, Backing Vocals
Sandra Crouch: Backing Vocals
Maxi Anderson: Backing Vocals
Michael Boddicker: Synthesizer
Marvin Winans: Backing Vocals
Alfie Silas: Backing Vocals
Steve Porcaro: Synthesizer Programming
Andrew Gouche: Backing Vocals
Brian Malouf: Engineer
David Paich: Synthesizer, Synthesizer Arrangement
Graham Lyle: Rhythm Arrangement, Synthesizer Arrangement, Vocal Arrangement
Rhett Lawrence: Synthesizer
Steve Stevens: Guitar
Terry Britten: Rhythm Arrangement, Synthesizer Arrangement, Vocal Arrangement
Greg Phillinganes: Keyboards, Synthesizer
Michel Rubini: Effects
The AndraƩ Crouch Choir: Backing Vocals
Bruce Swedien: Announcer, Drums, Engineer, Mixing
Brian Gardner: Mastering
Jean Johnson: Backing Vocals
Kano: Hand Lettering, Logo
Matthew Rolston: Photography
Michael Landau: Guitar
Nancy Donald: Art Direction
Randy Kerber: Synthesizer
Cornelius Mims: Drum Programming
Gary Grant: Trumpet
Jerry Hey: Horn Arrangement, Rhythm Arrangement, Synthesizer Arrangement, Trumpet
Raoul Roach: Staff
Al Quaglieri: Direction
John Barnes: Piano, Rhythm Arrangement, Sound Design, String Arrangement, Synthesizer, Synthesizer Arrangement, Vocal Arrangement
Ken Caillat: Engineer
Kim Hutchcroft: Saxophone
Bill Bottrell: Drums, Engineer, Guitar
Brad Sundberg: Assistant Engineer
Carvin Winans: Backing Vocals
Christopher Currell: Effects, Finger Snaps, Rhythm Arrangement, Synclavier
Claudio Ordenes: Assistant Engineer, Engineer
Debbie Johnson: Assistant Engineer
Douglas Getschall: Drum Programming
Francine Howard: Backing Vocals
Frank Harkins: Art Direction, Booklet Artwork, Packaging
Fusako Chubachi: Art Direction, Design, Packaging
Gary Olazabal: Engineer
Geary Faggett: Backing Vocals
Greg Gorman: Cover Photo, Photography
John Doelp: Project Supervisor
John McClain: Executive Producer, Liner Notes, Management
Karen Faye: Make-Up
Laura Livingston: Assistant Engineer
Madeline Randolph: Staff
Matt Forger: Audio Restoration, Engineer
Matthew Kelly: Tape Research
Michael Winans: Backing Vocals
Miko Brando: Drums
Neal Preston: Photography
Ollie Brown: Drums, Clapping, Percussion
Perry Morgan: Backing Vocals
Rose Banks: Backing Vocals
Sam Emerson: Photography
Tony Lane: Art Direction
Jim Parham: Project Director
Adam Farber: Direction
Dan Huff: Guitar
Seth Riggs: Vocal Consultant
Caiphus Semenya: Arranger
Louise Velazquez: Staff
Harrison Funk: Photography
Larry Stessel: Production Director
Mary Coller: Assistant
Ronald Winans: Backing Vocals
Sheri Lee: Art Direction, Booklet Artwork, Packaging
Linda Green: Backing Vocals
Antonio "L.A." Reid: Executive Producer
Jolie Levine: Contractor, Production Coordination
Tim Sturges: Transfers
Larry Williams: Drum Programming, MIDI, Saxophone, Synthesizer, Synthesizer Programming
John Branca, Esq.: Executive Producer, Liner Notes, Management
Craig Johnson: Engineer, Tape Research, Technical Director, Transfers
Denny Jaeger: Effects
Bill Bray: Staff
David Williams: Guitar, Saxophone
John Robinson: Drums
Tom Jones: Engineer
Eric Gale: Guitar
Vonciele Faggett: Backing Vocals
Catherine Ballard: Credit Not Specified
Danny Burns: Technical Support
Dr. Eric Chevlen: Engineer
Karen Langford: Project Supervisor
Mustafa Locks: Technical Support
Rich Markowitz: Technical Support
Greg Oskorn: Technical Support
John Sacchetti: Technical Support
Jeffrey Spear: Lettering, Logo
Pat Stolz: Technical Support
Richard Story: Project Director
Evvy Tavasci: Photo Research
Casey Young: Synclavier, Synthesizer Programming