Peabo Bryson: Producer
The Whispers: Backing Vocals
Leon "Ndugu" Chancler: Cymbals
Skylark: Producer, Keyboards, Synthesizer Bass
Steve Russell: Bass, Drums, Producer, Percussion, Keyboards
Gordon Jones: Guitar Synthesizer, Keyboards, Synthesizer Bass
The Riddler: Bass, Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Arranger
Chuckii Booker: Piano, Synthesizer Bass
Zac Harmon: Producer, Percussion, Keyboards, Strings
Robert Brookins: Producer, Guitar Synthesizer, Keyboards
Greg Dalton: Bass, Drums, Producer, Keyboards
Sir Gant: Bass, Drums, Producer, Percussion, Keyboards
Christopher Troy: Producer, Percussion, Keyboards, Strings
Eric Bryce: Arranger
Gary Taylor: Producer, Keyboards, Synthesizer Bass
Gene Albright: Saxophone
Gene Robinson, Jr.: Guitar, Arranger
Henry Johnson: Guitar
Jerry McNeil: Producer, Percussion, Keyboards, Synthesizer Bass
Joel Davis: Bass, Producer, Keyboards, Strings
Keith Robertson: Percussion
Tsuyoshi Takayanagi: Bass, Drums, Producer, Keyboards, Strings
Walter Scott: Vocals