David Reeves: Bass
Branford Marsalis: Saxophone
Chuck D: Bass, Executive Producer, Voices
Terminator X: Turntables
Al Macdowell: Bass
Harry Allen: Liner Notes
John Harrison III: Engineer
Flavor Flav: Rap
Vernon Reid: Guitar
Hank Shocklee: Programming, Director, Producer, Arranger
Rick Rubin: Executive Producer
Keith Shocklee: Programming, Director, Producer, Arranger
Rod Hui: Engineer, Mixing
Bob Fudjinski: Engineer, Mixing
Mike Bona: Mixing
Imperial Grand Ministers Of Funk: Producer
Chris Shaw: Engineer, Mixing
Keith Boxley: Mixing, Scratches
Kirk Yano: Engineer
Rob Chiarelli: Engineer
Nick Sansano: Engineer, Mixing
Greg Gordon: Engineer
Danny Clinch: Photography
John Bradley: Mixing
Steven Ett: Engineer, Mixing
The Bomb Squad: Executive Producer
Andrew Catlin: Photography
Kathy Nelson: Executive Producer
Matt Tritto: Engineer
Adam Yauch: Liner Notes
Allan Givens: Horn
Bill Stephney: Guitar, Bass, Producer, Mixing
Carl Ryder: Director, Producer, Executive Producer, Arranger
Cerwin Depper: Producer
Chuck Valle: Engineer
D.R. Period: Producer
Dan Wood: Engineer, Mixing
David Corio: Photography
Eric "Vietnam" Sadler: Programming, Director, Producer, Arranger
Frank Able: Keyboards
Fred Wells: Guitar
Jeff Jones: Engineer
Jim Sabella: Engineer
John Harrison: Engineer
Lorenzo Wyche: Horn
Mario Rodriquez: Mixing
Mike Gregoire: Design
Norman Rogers: Scratches
Paul Shabazz: Programming
Rawle Gittens: Engineer
Rick Gordon: Drums
Spike Lee: Executive Producer
Steve Loeb: Engineer
Steve Moss: Congas
Stuart Robertz: Programming, Producer
Tyrone Jefferson: Horn
Vartan : Artwork Direction
Bill Levenson: Compilation Producer
Ellen Fitton: Mastering
Harry Weinger: Compilation Producer
Jessica Ruiz: Tape Research
Lily Salinas: Tape Research
Ryan Null: Photo Coordinator
Tom Sheehan: Photography
Shannon Steckloff: Production Coordination
Black To The Future Sample Stars: Voices
Chuck Chillout: Mixing
Daniela Scaramuzza: Photography
Department Of Liberation: Credit Not Specified
Gary G Wiz: Programming, Producer, Arranger
House Of Tre: Arranger
Interrogators: Credit Not Specified
Michael Kachko: Product Manager
Owen Smith: Illustrations
Paul Reisch: Credit Not Specified
Per Magnusson: Photography
Ricciano Lumpkin: Engineer
Yolanda Giraud: Tape Research
The JBL: Producer