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Old Friends New Friends (CD)

Nils Frahm

Nils Frahm's Old Friends New Friends is a double album consisting of twenty-three (mostly) previously unreleased solo piano tracks recorded from 2009-2021. It's a testament to Frahm's talents that these were on the back burner; the songs are thoroughly enchanting and enveloping. The tracks swim fluidly from the intensely emotional to the playful and light, from yearning to joyful. It's a richly-drawn album that feels alive in a way that's hard to describe until you immerse yourself in its beauty. With friends like these, you're in good company indeed.

The French Dispatch [OST] (CD)

Various Artists

Eclectic and evocative, it’s perhaps no surprise that The French Dispatch Original Soundtrack is every bit as carefully-crafted as Wes Anderson’s latest film. Just as the director builds aesthetically dazzling worlds in each of his films, this enticing collection of songs also casts its own singular little spell. Featuring an original score by Oscar-winner Alexandre Desplat, a cover of Christophe’s French pop hit “Aline” by Jarvis Cocker, and tracks from the likes of Gene Austin, Grace Jones, and Ennio Morricone, listening to this album will transport listeners to the charming, bustling streets of a fictional French city that stands outside of time, a place of imagination and dreams. Here everything is rich in effortless glamour and swooning romance. It’s a place listeners will want to return to again and again.

W (CD)


Japanese experimentalists Boris take their dark, heavy sound in exciting new directions on W . Rich in atmospherics, warped sonic textures, and ominous industrial vibes, the band’s latest has a haunted, unpredictable quality. Whispered vocals over minimal melodies and seething soundscapes create a hypnotic, otherworldly mood, like a deep REM dream that straddles the line between the unpredictable but enjoyable and the darkness that could veer into nightmare territory at any moment. It’s an intriguing, unsettling listen that will appeal to those who dig the shadowy side of the street.

30 (CD)


Adele is back with another emotional powerhouse of an album. 30 chronicles the British singer’s divorce from her husband and her ensuing disappointment and heartbreak. Adele tackles the topic in her usual unflinching style, her voice soaring and keening, her lyrics immediate and emotionally effective. Expect bigger-than-life vocals, northern soul cool, and vibrant strings—the type of impactful flourishes that give Adele’s silky ‘60s sound such an immediate grip on the hearts of listeners. It’s a showstopper of an album featuring tales of love and loss that sound like timeless classics.

DISCO: Guest List Edition (CD)

Kylie Minogue

When Kylie Minogue goes disco, she delivers. This reissue of her 2020 album DISCO comes to us as the Guest List Edition , which basically means you get all the dance floor fillers from the earlier release, along with new tracks featuring Jessie Ware, Years & Years, Due Lipa, and Gloria Gaynor. In classic Kylie fashion, the album is packed with hit after glossy hit and the high-energy vibe never slows down. Guaranteed to get your booty-shaking and your mood lifted, whether you’re ready to get your sequins on right now or if you need a little Guest List spot to get you inspired.

Aaliyah (CD)


The self-titled third and final studio album by the "Queen of Urban Pop" was originally released in 2001. Cited by critics as one of the best R&B records of its time, the album is a reflection of herself as both a young adult and matured vocalist.

Live From Blackalachia (LP)

Moses Sumney

Moses Sumney's Live From Blackalachia is an electrifying experience. Recorded on a ranch in the Blue Ridge Mountains during summer 2020, the album finds Sumney and co. bringing new directions to the tracks from his first two albums. The songs on Blackalachia were originally arranged in preparation for a live tour—but well, 2020—and thus the band decided to bring them to listeners in a new format, i.e. this album. And what a gift that decision has turned out to be. Blackalachia feels alive with emotion, with the beauty and tenuousness of those days, the songs accentuated by the sounds of crickets and birds chiming into the finely-crafted live panorama of guitars, keys, violin, saxophone, double bass, drums, and trombone.


Duran Duran

Duran Duran's fifteenth studio album Future Past is a solid blend of danceable, '80s pop-flavored tracks like "Anniversary" and artsier musings like the excellent "Velvet Newton," with slower numbers like "Invisible" and "Invocation" mixed in. Guest appearances by Tove Lo, Ivorian Doll, CHAI and Mike Garson are subtle rather than attention-grabbing, which is a shrewd move for the still-beloved band. "More Joy" featuring Japan's CHAI is a catchy delight and "Hammerhead" with rapper Ivorian Doll is a funkier, slow-burning earworm.

Crawler (CD)


IDLES are back with a visceral new album, Crawler . This relentless album takes all the down-and-dirty elements of IDLES that brought the British post-punk act acclaim and refines their raucous approach into knife-sharp lyrics and gritty noise. The melodies on their fourth album are as intense and abrasive as ever, yet they’re tempered by introspection and the urge to evolve. Urgent and inventive, Crawler shows the band reassessing and reworking what makes them tick.

Covers (LP)

Cat Power

Cat Power’s latest collection, Covers , finds the artist once again bringing her seductively moody spin on tracks from a wide range of artists. The tracks are rich in atmosphere and steeped in emotion; it’s a heady brew that only Cat Power can conjure up. Chan Marshall draws inspiration this time around from Frank Ocean, Nick Cave, The Replacements, Billie Holiday, Iggy Pop, and more. She also contributes a new version of her 2006 track “Hate,” called “Unhate.” If only all cover songs could sound as vivid and essential as these heartbreakingly gorgeous numbers.

Fix Yourself, Not The World (CD)

The Wombats

The Wombats make a triumphant return with the joyfully melancholy Fix Yourself, Not the World . Maybe that description sounds like a paradox, but in this weird time of setbacks and hope just over the horizon, The Wombats have done a masterful job of channeling the zeitgeist. Sure, song titles like "Everything I Love Is Going to Die" and "If You Ever Leave, I'm Coming with You" promise droll commentary on some of life's biggest dilemmas. But the melodies themselves are relentlessly catchy, true indie bops that'll have you lightly banging your head, even as you contemplate the human condition. Highly recommended, especially for days that could use a little extra happiness.


The Lumineers

Fans of The Lumineers' brand of Americana-infused folk rock will find much to enjoy on the band's latest, the aptly titled BRIGHTSIDE . With sing-a-long-ready choruses, rousing melodies and moving lyrics, the songs seem destined to rule the radio, reverberate across open-air amphitheaters, and basically become instant fan favorites. The riffs are rollicking, the pianos plaintive, and the vocals yearning and optimistic. That's what makes BRIGHTSIDE so special: in the midst of all of life's turmoils and traumas, The Lumineers share tales of transcendence.

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