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Fill out this form if you have a large collection and want us to come to you! Your collection must meet the following requirements.

Collection Form

Requirements: Depending upon where you live, buying your collection can be complicated... So, we will only be interested in your collection if you meet the following minimum item counts:

If you live outside the greater SF Bay or LA Metropolitan Areas
LPs 1,000 Minimum
CDs 500 Minimum

If you live outside of California
LPs 2,000 Minimum
CDs 2,000 Minimum

If you meet these minimums, please fill out this form and we'll get in touch with you soon!

General Description

Do you own the collection? Describe the general condition. What years was the collection purchased in? Was it purchased mainly new or used? How is it stored and for how long? Is it easy to view? Do you have a majority or specialty in any kind of music style?

Type of collection

Please check which genre(s) your collection encompasses.

Size of collection

Please indicate an approximate count of each medium you have to sell.