This Month's Picks

A Sailor's Guide To Earth (CD)

Sturgill Simpson
Following his acclaimed Metamodern Sounds in Country Music , country-rock rulebreaker Sturgill Simpson releases an album lead by a beautifully orchestrated Nirvana cover (“In Bloom”). Yet Simspon’s style is still impeccable and classically rooted. Not your Gramps’ country, but he might like it, too. More
Genre: Country

Lost Themes II (CD)

John Carpenter
Lost Themes II delivers 11 compelling new tracks for which fans can continue to score movies in their minds. The musical world here is a wider one than that of its predecessor. More electric and acoustic guitar flesh out the songs, still driven by Carpenter's trademark minimal synth. More
Genre: Soundtracks

Singing Saw (CD)

Kevin Morby
Former Woods member Kevin Morby continues his fruitful solo career with a stunner of an album. Singing Saw kicks up Morby’s melancholic songwriting with psychdeleic bursts of orchestration, gleaming guitars, and straightforward rock beats to keep the whole thing anchored. Majestic. More
Genre: Rock

Person A (CD)

Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros
The irresistible folk-rock collective known for their hit “Home” returns with a fourth album of uplifting anthems. For their fourth studio album, the band recorded almost entirely in one room together in New Orleans. Their approach is a far cry from their ramshackle, come-one-come-all philosophy audible on their previous albums. PersonA also marks the first time that the band has jointly collaborated on a majority of the songwriting. More
Genre: Rock

Bang, Zoom, Crazy...Hello (CD)

Cheap Trick
The legendary power-pop band sets a new course with Bang, Zoom, Crazy...Hello , their first release in over five years. Firmly cemented as one of the most important bands in music history, the quartet will continue their reign as the top progenitors of power-pop through 2016 and beyond. More
Genre: Rock

Distortland (CD)

The Dandy Warhols
Can The Dandy Warhols stay relevant and weird in the Portland music scene when the city has gentrified and gotten significantly cleaner and more square? Distortland might find them at their poppiest and breeziest, but the out-there arrangements and love lyrics that a pop star wouldn't touch with a pole still make them the senior wackos of Portland. "Search Party" leans close to electronic '90s Britpop with its hypnotic fuzz and spaced-out guitars that feel like the perfect cosmic backdrop to an addictive pop song. "STYGGO" feels like a Talking Heads outtake from the Stop Making Sense era, with a funky bass line, bongos, and an acoustic guitar hook that balance against psychedelic lyrics that taste like candy-covered painkillers. Adding a new, professional sheen to Distortland is producer Jim Lowe, who previously has worked with the Stereophonics and mixed hits by Taylor Swift. He takes the album in directions the Warhols themselves wouldn't have gone. Done via e-mail, frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor would send him the raw tracks and wait a day before getting them back, and would be blown away by the results. The Dandy Warhols have always been one of the most interesting and best indie rock bands, and Distortland 's catchy tracks that are simultaneously poppy and gonzo balance so perfectly that you'll keep wanting to listen to this album until the needle breaks. More
Genre: Rock

Live In Cuba (CD)

Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Wynton Marsalis
Amazing arrangements and great sound on what could have been a mere nostalgia trip...this is as full of life as Ellington at Newport. Best Sunday morning record in years! More
Genre: Jazz

City Sun Eater In The River Of Light (CD)

Brooklyn’s Woods follows up the sunlit psych-folk-rock of 2014’s With Light and With Love with an album that’s rife with detail — worldbeat guitar tangles, Morricone-inspired orchestration, and subtle jazz beats — yet still retains their warm folk-inspired touch. Magnificent. More
Genre: Rock

Star Wars Headspace (CD)

Various Artists
Rick Rubin compiles this album of producers scouring the Star Wars  archives for sound effects and dialogue to craft a unique love letter to the films. Featuring Baauer, Royksopp, Flying Lotus and more, it speaks to the cool geek in all of us. More
Genre: Soundtracks

High Fidelity [OST] (LP)

Various Artists
The soundtrack to the adaptation of Nick Hornsby’s novel is a great rock ‘n’ roll primer, with tracks from 13th Floor Elevators, The Velvet Underground, Love, Bob Dylan, Stereolab and, of course, The Beta Band’s “Dry the Rain.” More
Genre: Soundtracks