This Month's Picks

Blood and Black Lace (BLU)

From Italian horror/giallo master Mario Bava, Blood & Black Lace is a stylish and suspenceful horror film set in a glamorous fashion house. Hugely influential, this film helped lay the foundation for the modern slasher flick! More

The Stuff (BLU)

A mysterious, white goo seeping out of the Earth is marketed to the public after it is discovered it's delicious. The Stuff, as it's called, is a hit, but unfortunately for the general public, it turns out it's also a living substance that turns people into Stuff-addicted zombies. Directed by Larry Cohen! More

Kiss Rocks Vegas Nevada (BLU/CD)

In November of 2014, KISS brought their legendary live show to The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for a Los Vegas residency. KISS Rocks Vegas captures the event in all its pyrotechnical glory as the band powers through hit after hit in front of the adoring KISS Army. This two-DVD/CD combo is a must have for all KISS fans. More

Crimes of Passion (BLU)

Cult director Ken Russell's erotic/psychological thriller starring Kathleen Turner, Anthony Perkins, and John Laughlin centers around a mysterious fashion designer who moonlights as a prostitute and becomes involved with a repressed preacher and man whose marriage is on the rocks. More

Sing Street (BLU)

After being moved from a private high school to a public one, fish out of water Conor pretends that he has a band to impress the beautiful Raphina. What begins as a ploy to get Raphina to be in his music video develops into the potential of a real band. Set in '80s Dublin, this dramatic comedy is filled with both great music and great fashion. More

The Walking Dead: The Complete Sixth Season (BLU)

The sixth season of the incredible apocalyptic/zombie saga. If you haven't seen any of the show yet, you might not want to start here, but it's well worth your time getting caught up! More

Son Of A Pimp Part 2 (CD)

Mistah F.A.B.
2005’s Son of a Pimp established North Oakland emcee Mistah FAB as a rising star and a major factor in a resurgent Bay Area rap scene. A decade later—older, wiser, and more resilient—FAB returns with S on of A Pimp Part 2 , a no-holds-barred, 21-track extravaganza that serves as the truest representation of his artistic talent to date. More
Genre: Hip Hop

What One Becomes (CD)

On their new epic double album, What One Becomes , the trio walks the line between chaos and control. This sophomore album sees Sumac take a leap forward from their 2015 debut, The Deal , revealing a new side of Aaron Turner’s (Isis, Old Man Gloom, Mamiffer) combustible songwriting and guitar playing. More
Genre: Rock

A Man Alive (CD)

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
Funky, eclectic, sincere, defiant, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down's latest album is full of infectious rhythms, engaging layers, and fascinating lyrics. “Departure” has a psychedelic carnival sound that rides the line between euphoria and madness, while “Nobody Dies” is a steady rocker with its driving drum beat and ragged guitar tone, and “The Evening” sounds like an impromptu jam session between George Clinton and The Strokes in a junkyard. More
Genre: Rock

Live At The Hollywood Bowl (CD)

The Beatles
Finally remastered, and released in conjunction with Ron Howard's documentary , Eight days A Week: The Touring Years , Live At The Hollywood Bowl pulls from The Beatles' famed 1964 and 1965 performances at the iconic venue. Not only is this record a document of the band in the prime of their early years, but it also functions as a document of the hysteria of Beatlemania, with the squeals, tears and cheers from the crowd almost as present as the music itself. Crank it up and hear The Fab Four at their most rockin' and raw! More
Genre: Rock