Lost Time (CD)

Tacocat may have an emoji-worthy name, but they utilize their surf-rock licks and sugary melodies in the service of serving feminist realness on tracks like “Men Explain Things to Me.”

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Human Ceremony (CD)
Cute, catchy post-punk with a hint of twee. Take the jangling early-’90s sounds of Belly and The Sundays and throw in some of the snarl of a modern-day act like Metric or Lykke Li, and you’ve got an irresistible thing known as Sunflower Bean. Read more
Vitals (CD)
The New Orleans band skillfully walks the line between cool minimalism and psych-pop indulgence. The resulting album teams with life and style, terrifically catchy and tasteful at the same time. Read more
Three Men & A Baby (CD)
Goofy band/album name, kickass sound. Mike Kunka of godheadSilo and Enemymine teams with sludge masters The Melvins for a delightfully f*cked-up blend of Sabbath chords and maniacal vocals. Read more
Lukas Graham (CD)

Danish contemporary pop stars Lukas Graham take a bit of funk, soul, country, and rock and forge the rare blend that manages to be a little bit of everything yet still potent. It helps that songs like “7 Years” are terrifically written, with powerhouse vocals from Lukas Graham Forchhamme.

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All A Man Should Do (CD)

Alt-country stars Lucero kick up plenty of dust on their gritty, graceful eight album. Includes an ace country cover of Big Star’s “I’m in Love With a Girl.”

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Heaven Adores You [OST] (CD)
The soundtrack to the 2014 documentary about the life and music of indie rock singer/songwriter Elliott Smith. In addition to having at least one song from each of his albums, the track listing contains over a dozen previously unreleased songs, spanning the length of his career. Read more
The National’s Scott and Bryan Devendorf team with Beirut’s Ben Lanz for an album of beautifully warped electronic textures and hushed bedroom vocals. Read more
Paper Mâché Dream Balloon (CD)

This Melbourne seven-piece makes colorful psych-pop of the old school variety—no Hollywood synths, just acoustic guitars, flutes (!) and some wonderful kaleidescopic melodies. Put on a cool, loungey track like “Sense” on at your next soiree…martini glasses will be a-clinkin’.

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Matador (CD)

This is the second solo album from the former Supergrass frontman, Gaz Coombes, who approached the recording process so organically that he played most of the instruments himself. Matador is the sound of one of Britain's greatest songwriters facing his future with a flourish.

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