This Month's Picks

A Moon Shaped Pool (CD)

When first putting on "Burn The Witch," the beginning of the Radiohead's new album, you might feel you've mistakenly put on a new Belle and Sebastian single. The slightly twee and plucky string arrangements seem to harken back to a Kinks-y Village Green Preservation Society -era jaunt. But give it a minute and Thom Yorke's trademark silky-gloom fills the village with a hypnotizing sense of doom. "Daydreaming" starts with a minimalist piano line and vocals but slowly builds with mysterious layers to a vast soundscape. With A Moon Shaped Pool  Radiohead have proven they've fully transcended the trappings of a '90s guitar rock band and turned into something more akin to a collection of texture, emotions, and sounds; a sort of soundtrack to the 21st century. More
Genre: Rock


Angel Olsen
On My Woman , Angel Olsen moves even further away from the haunted folk of her 2012 breakthrough LP Half Way Home . However, that’s not to say that yearning and heartache have no place on her latest album, as evidenced by the soaring heights and whispered lows of “Sister.” At the same time, Olsen’s “Intern” finds the singer filtering her sound through ‘80s synth washes and glittering indie pop structures, and “Shut Up Kiss Me” is garage-y, retro, and super catchy. This collection of songs sees Olsen expanding on her original sound in new, bold ways while still retaining the incredible songwriting that first caught our attention a few years back. An album that should win over new fans while still appealing to her longtime supporters. More
Genre: Rock

Terminal Redux (CD)

In the world of modern metal, where it seems like damn near every band is a painfully generic, obvious rehashing of the greats, Vektor have masterfully taken their own path. If you are a sci-fi loving, metal thrashing maniac, Terminal Redux was made for you. More
Genre: Rock

Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not (CD)

Dinosaur Jr.
The ever-reliable Dinosaur Jr. are back with their eleventh studio album, Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not , and their sound is just as scorching, raw, and strangely vulnerable as it was when they first burst onto the scene in 1984. The band’s original line-up of J Mascis, Lou Barlow, and Murph kick out the jams in full force on this one, with two songs by Barlow (“Love Is” and “Left/Right”) and the remaining nine by Mascis. Album opener “Goin Down” wouldn’t be out of place on one of the band’s first three LPs, with heavy drums, piercing guitars plus Mascis’ simple, plaintive vocals — yet it never sounds like a throwback, just a coming-home of sorts. The band tone it down a bit for the lovely, longing “Lost All Day”; it’s one of those unexpected tracks Dinosaur Jr. sometimes makes that sneaks up on you by appealing to your sense of nostalgia for missed opportunities and time gone by. That slight melancholy ramps up even more on “Love Is,” a highlight of the album that’s insistent, lovely, and world-weary. This album should net the band some new fans, while simultaneously appealing to their longtime supporters. More
Genre: Rock

Skiptracing (CD)

The Mild High Club
Mild High Club’s Skiptracing sounds like ‘70s light rock radio on acid, complete with smooth jazz solos, psych flourishes, jangly guitar, and sunny harmonies. Thanks to the band’s eclectic influences, however, the songs never sound derivative, but instead feel like a breath of fresh air winding its way through Laurel Canyon. It’s a woozy, euphoric record that calls to mind a more mellowed out Ariel Pink or a psyched out Mac DeMarco — which makes sense because Mild High Club has toured with them both. Throw this record on if you still wish it was the Summer of Love, or if you just don’t want summer to end. More
Genre: Rock

Atrocity Exhibition (CD)

Danny Brown
Named after both the Joy Division song and the J.G. Ballard novel of the same name, Danny Brown’s Atrocity Exhibition album sounds like the future. This is due, in part, to the Warp Records rapper’s innovative collaborations: you’ll hear the likes of Kelela, Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt, Ab-Soul, B-Real, Evian Christ, Schoolboy Q, Petite Noir, Paul White, Black Milk, and The Alchemist making their own unique imprints here. The album is alternatively surreal and stark, touching on elements of trap music, psychedelia, and experimental rap. The overall effect is hypnotic. More
Genre: Hip Hop

The Frank Sinatra Collection: Happy Holidays with Frank and Bing / Vintage Sinatra (DVD)

The Frank Sinatra Collection brings together some of Frank's finest performances on television and in concert. This release combines a classic early color television Christmas special from 1957 with a compilation from his 1950s TV shows that includes commentary and reminiscences from his three children: Nancy, Tina, and Frank Sinatra Jr. More

Days Gone By (CD)

Bob Moses
Using organic instrumentation mixed with electronic production, Bob Moses draw on the two poles to vividly resonate across both. Alternating between dancefloor burners and moments of reflective repose, Days Gone By weaves a rich spectrum of sensation over the course of its ten tracks. More

Kiss Rocks Vegas Nevada (DVD/CD)

In November of 2014, KISS brought their legendary live show to The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for a Los Vegas residency. KISS Rocks Vegas captures the event in all its pyrotechnical glory as the band powers through hit after hit in front of the adoring KISS Army. This two-DVD/CD combo is a must have for all KISS fans. More

Flux (CD)

Rich Robinson
The blues rock attitude of the sixties stays perfectly alive with Black Crowes' Rich Robinson. Head-throttling guitars slam your head with emotional solos that are powered up and amplified to shock. With his back catalog recently reissued, Robinson approached Flux differently than his prior efforts. Whereas he previously wrote tracks at home and then beefed them up in the studio with his large backing band, Flux was a bit more improvisational. Fragments of songs were taken into the studio and worked out with his band until they popped just right. You can hear the excitement in the way the loose, almost ramshackle way all the elements come together, just like Bob Dylan's mid-'60s period. There are more risks and strange choices done than in any of his other solo albums or with The Black Crowes that it creates the atmosphere of pure musical joy. "Sleepwalker," his Eagles-ish ballad, is about independent thought and dealing with human emotions. While society stigmatizes open thought and emotion, Robinson's blunt lyrics and spiritual guitar embody pure feeling so beautifully that it is painfully real and raw. "Which Way Your Wind Blows" channels the aggressive English-blues sound of Bad Company with a bass line that weighs a ton and a guitar solo distorted so it sounds almost like a synth. Robinson's scathing lyrics taunt and mock in such a weirdly, sloppy way that it reminds you of the missing attitude from modern rock. Crack open a beer and blast this one. Its hypnotic blues-rock blend will take you back to 1975. More
Genre: Rock