This Month's Picks

The Doc 2 / 2.5 [Collector's Edition] (CD)

The Game
With Dr. Dre back at the production helm and Game sounding more energized than he has in years, The Documentary 2 indeed lives up to the first volume, which was a West Coast rap classic. With killer guest spots from Drake and Kendrick Lamar, Game sails on some throwback vibes while rapping circles around his young followers. More
Genre: Hip Hop

Painting Of A Panic Attack (CD)

Frightened Rabbit
Much of this album is indebted lyrically to Los Angeles, where Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison moved to in 2014 from Scotland. Tracks such as "Still Want To Be Here," telling of his struggle with adjusting to life in LA, perfectly encapsulate the mindset of being in a new, strange place. More
Genre: Rock

Next Thing (CD)

Frankie Cosmos
Singer/songwriter Frankie Cosmos (aka Greta Kline) explores new emotional and instrumental territory with Next Thing . The beauty in Kline’s writing does not lie within immense statements and large gestures, but instead can be found in her ability to examine situations and relationships with heartbreaking sincerity. More
Genre: Rock

Roxy: The Movie (DVD)

Frank Zappa's December 1973 concerts at the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood are legendary. Filmed in 16mm, this footage has been sitting in the Zappa vault ever since. Now fully restored by the Zappa Family Trust, this live concert film is being made available for the first time. More

Straight Outta Compton (DVD)

Eazy-Duz-It was the first album I acquired that I had to hide from my parents. I got it on cassette in the summer before my eighth grade year. If you have any love of or interest in the history of hip-hop, the music industry, or Southern California, you owe it to yourself to give this film a look. More

Eric Clapton: Slowhand at 70 Live at The Royal Albert Hall (DVD)

In May of 2015, Eric Clapton performed his 200th concert at London's famous Royal Albert Hall fifty years after his first performance there with The Yardbirds. Clapton's seven-night run at the venue creates a set list of vintage blues tracks and Clapton classics from across his astonishing career. More

Elliott Smith: Heaven Adores You (DVD)

…a well crafted love letter to a man many adored, worshiped or simply enjoyed—the overall arch of his sound warm, gentle, affecting. The film speaks to many individuals involved in his life and music - from his earliest projects through his band Heatmiser, to his ultimate success as a major solo artist and Academy Award nominee. More

Blood Rage (BLU)

What do you get if you combine Thanksgiving, Louise Lasser, killer ‘80s synths, and some truly gruesome special effects? Blood Rage , of course! Shot in 1983, Blood Rage is a gloriously gruesome slice of ‘80s slasher heaven now lovingly restored for its first ever official home video release. More

The Chronic [Remastered] (CD)

Dr. Dre
Before he was more often known as a producer, Dr. Dre unleashed this gangsta rap classic. 1992’s The Chronic solidified Dre’s position in the public spotlight. His raps about sex, drugs, violence, and the politics of South Central Los Angeles are unforgetable, but it’s the melding of hip-hop, jazz, funk, and soul that makes this album a classic. More
Genre: Hip Hop

Visions Of Us On The Land (CD)

Damien Jurado
Providing the ideal entry point for neophytes and an intoxicating aural high for the faithful, Damien Jurado's new opus completes the tale of an individual who has had to disappear from society in order to discover some universal truths. More
Genre: Rock