Music History Monday: October 29

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Music History Monday


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Remembering legendary guitarist Duane Allman (born Howard Duane Allman in Nashville, TN) - November 20, 1946 – October 29, 1971.

Born on this day: October 29, 1944 - Singer/songwriter and guitarist Denny Laine (born Brian Frederick Arthur Hines in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK). Happy 68th Birthday, Denny!!

On this day in music history: October 29, 1902 - The Dinwiddie Colored Quartet, a jubilee vocal group from Dinwiddie County, VA will become the first African American group to record for a major record label. The group will record six sides (including "Down On The Old Camp Ground," "Steal Away," and "Gabriel's Trumpet") for the Victor Talking Machine Company in their studio in Camden, NJ. The group will form in 1898 as the Old South Quartet before changing their name. The Dinwiddie Colored Quartet will disband in 1904. Though the group are not the first African American vocalists to be commercially recorded (The Unique Quartette will record several wax cylinders for the New York Phonograph Company in December 1890), they will make their mark in history with their recordings among the earliest surviving documents of black musicians on record.

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