The Sacred Juggalo Aesthetic: A Family Underground (2009)

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juggalo family arm tattoo

"Look at us now," Joe lamented in his often moving 2003 autobiography, Behind the Paint. "We're still scrubs. No Grammys, no Hollywood parties, no celebrity appearances, none of that. We just don't count. Even after selling 5 million albums, we just don't count. It's in our blood. For eternity, we're gonna be the fucking underdog. No matter what happens."
-- Violent Jay on being Hip Hop's homo sacer, from the LA Weekly interview

At the two extreme limits of the order, the sovereign and homo sacer present two symmetrical figures that have the same structure and are correlative: the sovereign is the one with respect to whom all men are potentially homines sacri, and homo sacer is the one with respect to whom all men act as sovereigns ["sacred in the antithetical sense of the word now all but lost to us, ... accursed, at the mercy of all."].
-- Giorgio Agamben, quoted by Hal Foster

For it is the original exclusion of homo sacer, Agamben contends, that authorises the sovereign and ‘founds the city of men’; this act forges ‘the originary “political” relation’. 
-- Foster explaining the foundational role of scrubs, ibid.

11th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos Infomercial

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I've unsuccessfully tried to convince Amoeblogger Eric Brightwell numerous times to join the family and attend the Gathering of the Juggalos. With comedy legend Gallagher on the bill, things are looking like this could be the year. The least he could do is get us an interview with "sweet" Sugar Slam.

BONUS PHOTO: Coolio with his misspelled Juggalo Tattoo
Coolio's Juggalo Tattoo