Silence of the Lambs

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               INT. JOB'S APARTMENT - DAY

               JOB, (early 30's) sits at his computer, his head propped up
               by his left hand.

               He stares blankly at the screen.

               He types everything you just read.

               Then he types this.

               Then he sighs.

                             (to camera)
                         I have an earache.
                         I've never had an earache before. I
                         mean, this is going on one week.
                         And the last two days it's been
                         especially bad.
                         It makes writing a blog especially
                         challenging, because the pain is
                         distracting me. Plus, pain is not
                         funny... usually.

Here They Come Again - The Raconteurs

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raconteurs amoeba music instore
Looks like Amoeba favorites The Raconteurs are getting closer to releasing another album! Jack White tells Billboard that they have been in the studio in Nashville working on 12 songs. Sounds like the album will be out in 2008.

But the real question is:  can we expect another Amoeba Instore with the fellas?
Here's hoping!

jack white raconteurs amoeba instore june 2006              raconteurs amoeba instore june 2006
jack white raconteurs amoeba instore june 2006

white stripes elephant jack meg white

Oops! Lost myself there for a minute, forgive me. 

Everyone remember June 8, 2006 when The Raconteurs played not one but TWO Amoeba instores in one day, one in LA and one in San Francisco? That was a great day.

Good news for the Hard of Hearing music lover!

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I always hunt down lyrics anywhere I can find them. Why? Because I have no idea what the hell you're singing about unless you're Karen Carpenter. Bless Her Soul.

Most lyrics on the web are flawed, though the effort is 101% commendable. However, many of the times, the web user ends up with 14 pop ups in spite of firefox and pop up blockers galore. Then of course we have all the phishers who aren't lyric sites at all, but bad and mean people that I scowl at long and hard enough to permanently damage my epidermis.

So what's the damn news already? Yahoo is going to have a lyrics databse and the number I saw was 400,000+

Yay. If it completely and totally sucks, maybe we'll cry. Here's a note to Yahoo:

"Dear Yahoo,

    Inasmuch as I enjoy discovering what pithy words tumble from the mouth of Ghostface (not the puppy-dog that shops at Amoeba SF, he's so crazy we're all in love with him, but the grown man who has also shopped at Amoeba, the legend/regular dude from Wu Tang), I also need to know what was that there, that one phrase that I can't catch in composition from the 'rip your soul out and feed it to your conscience' singer/composer/miracle that we know as Diamanda Galas.

The Psychic

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Lightning Video LA9544

The Last Unicorn

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               EXT. WOODS - NIGHT

               A lovely, young MAIDEN sits on the grass crying.

               In her hand is a trowel. Next to her is a shallow hole.

               The sounds of night birds and insects play and luminous
               fireflies dance in the background; a beautiful night scene.

               An INVISIBLE PRINCE approaches.

                                   PRINCE (V.O.)
                         Pardon me.

               The Maiden is startled, looks up.


                                   PRINCE (V.O.)
                         I startled you, forgive me.

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