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52 Pick-Up

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Welcome to my world

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Greetings from Vinylandia...

Mr. Chadwick here with a new blogspot chronicling  finds and fascinations that lie just beyond the above pictured door. Uncovering those hidden treats that flow through the vast sea of vinyl platitudes that Amoeba Hollywood attracts, as well as many of my own personal treasures.  As things progress I hope to bring you more in-depth histories of the odd and curious private press and small label houses that the City of Angels has produced, but for now we'll start with some simple entertainment... found artwork.... Specifically artwork that was spontaneously created under the "influence" of the very object within which the said art piece was unearthed...

First up a nice trio of interpretations of very famous photos of a very famous UK pop group...

Here we have a very inspired George and Paul, outlined from a white album photo...


By far the most effective of the trio, a very different Ringo than we are used to... John got lost somewhere along the line...or maybe his being left out was some sort of message from the artist...

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Hot Sexx Tonight! @ Cafe Du Nord, That Is

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Tonight some of my nearest and dearest will be rocking the Cafe Du Nord! Check it out:
sexx nero nava and the invitation to love barbarasteele

The show starts at 9. And yes, that flyer does say "Formal Attire Preferred." Check out the myspace page for Sexx. Hope to see all of you there!


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bill laswell
Recently I had the opportunity of meeting up with prolific longtime artist of many genres Bill Laswell, who, unlike the average artist, just keeps tirelessly making/recording new music and avoiding repetition along the way. "I couldn't imagine being in some rock band that only makes ten records their whole life. And then plays them over and over and over and over. I just don't know how they can do it," the New York City based artist told me when I caught up with him in his Hells Kitchen area apartment. Laswell, who estimates he has about two thousand releases credited or directly related to him (under various names, collaborations, and acclaimed lineups including Praxis, Material, & Tabla Beat Science), epitomizes the term prolific artist. The trippy video below is "Animal Behavior" by Praxis featuring Laswell along with Buckethead, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell, Brain, and Nextman Flip.

For three solid decades now, the tireless musician/producer/remixer has built a strong reputation for consistently and successfully melding together seemingly disparate and divergent musical styles, drawing from, but not limited to, funk, dub, jazz, turntablism, hardcore, ambient, African, Indian, and various other world music sources. His most recently released project, the collaborative Method Of Defiance's Inamorata, is an effortless hybridization of free form jazz, funk, and drum n bass. A talent-packed affair, it features numerous artists, including input from such longtime heavyweight collaborators as avant-garde composer/saxaphonist John Zorn, keyboardist Bernie Worell, guitarist Buckethead, and jazz pianist/keyboardist Herbie Hancock.

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