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After recently stumbling across the Craigs List New York City area posting (reprinted below - scroll down) directly addressing the ridiculous current state of the high cost of housing in New York City (and it is so bad that people who go out of town for a week sublet their place -- damn!), it got me thinking about the whole issue of the high cost of housing for all of us, in particular in certain desired American cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and of course New York City. 

As eloquently and emotionally expressed in the recent CL posting, which appeared under the heading "Perpetual Childhood" and was written by a Brooklyn resident, NYC seems to be the very worst when it comes to the high cost of urban housing in the States these days. Please take a moment to read it and after you have, please add to the COMMENTS box below your thoughts on housing in the area where you dwell or have previously lived (rented). Is it as bad where you are? Are there any solutions to the ridiculous cost of housing that most of us are subjected to? What percentage of one's income do you think the average person should pay in rent? Personally, I think it should only be 15% or 20%. I also strongly believe that the government, local and federal, should heavily subsidize housing for artists. But when I say this to most people, they tell me I am crazy to hold such foolish beliefs. But what do you think of the state of housing in the USA  today -- especially in cities  such as SF, LA, or NY? Thanks for reading and for sharing your COMMENTS! Here is the posting:


This City is keepin us in F***ing perpetual childhood! Six figures and cannot find an apartment unless I'm willing to swallow pride and sanity and kiss the ass of some F***ing nickel and diming greedy scumbag feudal lndlord. They want you to make 20x the rent and they're looking at you with a straight face as they offer some f***ing shoe box with NO GARBAGE DISPOSAL, NO W/D, NO F***NG SCREENS ON THE WINDOW, MOLD, no closet space. Don't even blink in shame. What exactly am I getting for my f-ng money????! Tell me THAT you d***ass.

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The Employee Interview XII: Naomi

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9 years employment
Promotions Diva

ME:  I love learning about what has formed people's musical taste.  What kind of music were your parents listening to when you were growing up?

NS: I can't tell you how many Santana concerts I've been to. During my toddler years we listened to the good stuff. My mom was all about salsa, Banda and Freddy Fender. My pops fancied himself to be somewhat of a Pachuco, so it was all about the oldies! Later, in their quest to become more Americanized, we were subjected to the likes of Juice Newton and Sammy Hagar.  Then my parents got divorced and my dad thought he was the Urban Cowboy, so it became all country all the time during our visits, which wasn't so bad. But Ronnie Milsap can be a bit depressing when you're a kid.

I know you have 2 older sisters.  What were they into listening to? Did they have any influence on your listening tastes?

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California Fool's Gold -- Exploring Montebello

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Montebello California
Pendersleigh & Sons' Official Map of Montebello

I went to a baptism the other day for one Mateo Gareza in the city of Montebello, the subject of this neighborhood blog. To vote for another Los Angeles neighborhood, vote here. To vote for aLos Angeles County Community, vote here. To vote for Orange County neighborhoods, vote here.

 Pendersleigh & Sons Cartography's map of SELACO
Pendersleigh & Sons' Official Maps of Southeast Los Angeles County

For the occasion I was oaccompanied by none other than Miss San Gabriel Valley 05, 06 and '07, Ngoc Nguyen. Montebello, for those not in the know, is situated between the more interesting East Los Angeles, Monterey Park and Rosemead. It straddles the San Gabriel Valley and SELACO. They used to have a Puerto Rican parade, the only one west of Chicago, but it was deemed too much fun and moved to the Pomona Fairgrounds. It still has a lot of Mexican restaurants, chain stores and bakeries.

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So Bad It's Good Film Fest - Road House @ The Vista Nov. 30 !

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Baghdad By The Bay and Halloween

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Things always weird in SF, California, dontcha know ... but ain't no day of the week is this Mac Dre:

Mister Sexx himself/herself, oh, who cares!?!? That is a costume without a safe word, honey.

Um, Jimmy baby, that aint no costume: you just been working that info booth too much, right next to the reggae section:

Just shows ya, Concord got nothing on ya, SF! Or wait, is it the other way around? I'm confused!


Okay, that explains why all the white men ran screaming out the side door. Ain't no play in that costume!
Trick or treat? SCALP!

Corr-Courtney, baby, I just LOVE your .... well, everything! Except, well ... if I have 4 drinks in me, and mind you, I DO, you kinda look like my mom here.  *faint

                                                                            The Invisible Lance!!

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