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sweet caroline neil diamond
What is it about that song, "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond that people like so much? Because people really do like that song. I've seen many the person (despite whatever their core musical preference might be) just let loose and howl along with those well worn lyrics: "Where it began, I can't begin to know when...touching me, touching you." 

You'll hear em sing along with "Sweet Caroline" at parties and in bars. You'll even join in. I just heard it the other day at a Thanksgiving party in the Mission with everyone cheerily chanting along. And you always hear "Sweet Caroline" in sports stadiums -- mainly the Boston Red Sox fans at Fenway stadium games (see/hear clip below). It's also plneil diamond hot august nightsayed at New York Rangers hockey games.

The song has becaroline kennedyen a part of popular music and culture since it was first released as a single in September 1969, when it went to #4 on the Top 40 charts and sold a million copies. Since then it has continued to sell (most people get it on one of the Neil Diamond hits packages) and of course Neil has continued to perform it. 

Earlier this year Diamond performed the song for Caroline Kennedy at her 50th birthday celebration. She was the inspiration for the song, he said in an interview this year.

"Sweet Caroline" has also been featured in many movies, including the 2001 film Saving Silverman with Jack Black, Amanda Peet, and Steve Zahn. The film, about fanatical Neil fans, features a cameo from Diamond himself.
Beside a million karaoke versions of "Sweet Caroline," numerous artists have also covered the song over the years, including Waylon Jennings, Dave Matthews Band, Frank Sinatra, and Bobby Darin, who did it a bit slower and Elvis Presley, who did it a bit faster (see his performance below).
But what is it about "Sweet Caroline" that people like so much? That's not a rhetorical question. Is it that melody or is it those lyrics?

Childhood Remembrances...

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Another round of price tags for all ov you...Now, my wife has told me stories of buying jelly shoes @ Zody's in the early 80's and our good friend Rubin who heads Amoeba Hollywood classical dept once managed the Wherehouse on El Cajon Blvd (the original one @ Choctaw) ...the same one a young Chadwick would frequent during Rubin's stint there in the late 70's & early 80's...I lived half a block away and I can still remember the Donna Summer "Cats Without Claws" window display (I was 9, do the math), but I doubt that Rubin actually had much to do with the Disco-pop window displays. In fact within 5 blocks I also had a killer Tower (oh god, my first Madonna and Prince records...I also bought the X rated Girls on film VHS there too) and San Diego's legendary, original "Off the Record" (At which I later got my start in this Record business) ... I guess I was kinda born into the business...also within those 5 blocks were the discount movie theater I snuck into to see Purple Rain, my favorite Arcade of all time (where I mastered Space Ace & Atlantis), a huge Chuck E Cheese, Bob's Big Boy, 3 used music gear stores, the Drive-in that I saw Outland at (when I was 6, again do the math) and two other great used LP stores that, along with a Music Plus, popped up in the late 80's...

FYI- everything listed above is now gone....

Although, I think that they do have a golds gym & a rite aid in the area now...

OK, anyone with stories about these fine establishments or any of the others I've pictured here, please let us hear it.  Where and what was Quonset Hut???

Savage Abduction

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Genesis Home Video GV 31

Sinner's Blood

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Genesis Home Video GV 19

The Klutz Cargo Adventures, epilogue ...

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You think people get crazy around here the day after Thanksgiving; check out this shopping frenzy in the UK last January. A cargo ship, the MSC Napoli, ran aground about a mile from the town of Branscombe, dumping more then 200 containers into the ocean. And what a bonanza on the beach, (if you didn’t mind the accompanying chemical and oil spill), some barrels were filled with perfume and wine, while others contained battery acid!  Some of the larger cargo containers held BMW cars, motorcycles, auto parts, tractors, bags of dog food, weird bric-a-brac and bales of wool. Police tried to close the beach to prevent crowds from ransacking the containers and seeking to claim ‘salvage rights’, but by the time the local scavengers were finished, about £1million worth of ‘treasure’ was carted away to make a little seaside village an even more idyllic place to live, and shop. That is if you don’t mind the battery acid killing off the local sea life …


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